30+ Garden Designs To Try

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In this article, we will discuss garden designs.

A Garden may be defined as a planned area (usually outdoors) for the cultivation and growing of various plants to enhance the beauty of that particular area.



  1. Types of Garden  

The types of gardens can vary from plants grown in that area. Here are a few types of gardens that are as follows:


Types of Garden (Particular plant or plant types)
Alpine gardenBog gardenCactus garden
Fernery Flower gardenKitchen gardenOrchard Physic garden
Pollinator gardenRose gardenShade garden
Terrarium Walled gardenWater gardenWildlife garden



Types of Garden (Particular style or aesthetic)
Bonsai Chinese gardenColor gardenDutch garden
English landscape gardenFrench formal gardenFrench landscape garden
Gardens of the FrenchRenaissance Gardenroom German garden
Greek gardens ItalianRenaissance gardenPhilosophical garden
Japanese gardenPleasure gardenMary garden
Mughal gardenMonastic gardenRoman gardens
 Knot gardenKorean gardenSacred garden
Natural landscaping Paradise gardenPersian gardenSensory garden
Tropical gardenTrial gardenShakespeare garden
Tea gardenTherapeutic gardenSpanish garden
Xeriscaping Zen garden




Other types
Back garden Butterfly zooChinampa Cold frame garden
Botanical garden Community garden Container garden
Bottle gardenCottage gardenCutting garden
Butterfly gardenForest gardenGreen wall
Front yardGreenhouse Hanging garden
Hydroponic GardenMarket gardenPekarangan
Rain garden Raised bed gardeningResidential garden
Rock gardenRoof gardenSchool garden
Sculpture gardenSquare foot garden Trial garden
Victory garden Walled gardenZoological garden



  2. Garden Designs To Try  

Let’s start the garden designs from the best idea:

1. Small Gardening Design Ideas

It is very hard to enhance the beauty of a small area as you can’t cultivate a number of flowers and can’t add good-looking structures to it. But, you can this garden designs idea it will surely gonna improve the beauty of that small area.

Small Gardening Design Ideas


2. Gardening Designs for Small Gardens

To decorate small gardens is very hard and challenging. To overcome this problem you can try the below design that simply gonna improves the appearance of a small garden.


Gardening Designs for Small Gardens


3. Small City Gardening Designs for Backyards

No matter how good is your entrance or front yard, if your backyards look ugly, it will decrease the overall impression of the garden.


4. Rectangular Garden Designs Ideas 

The design of the garden varies with the shape of the garden. The plants that need to be planted also vary in shape so it is very necessary to plant the plants according to the shape of the garden.

Rectangular Garden Designs Ideas 


5. Eco-Friendly Garden

The garden construction should be eco-friendly. No more concrete structures should be constructed, the locally available materials should be utilized.


6. Oriental Urban Gardening Idea

In a city area, the garden is not all about beauty, it is a place to enjoy, relax and entertain.

Oriental Urban Gardening Idea


7. Green Garden Designs For Small Spaces

As green color is good for our eyes. The small area should be planted well, that will improve eye health too.

Green Garden Designs For Small Spaces


8. Rooftop Urban Gardening Design

You don’t a huge area to make a beautiful garden. You can make it on your roof too. It will promote greenery and attracts the eye of people to your home.

Rooftop Urban Gardening Design


9. Fascinating Garden Design Ideas

You need a little bit of idea and creativity to build an extraordinary beautiful garden.


Fascinating Garden Design Ideas


10. Small City Garden Idea

The design idea of this garden is simple and attracts a lot of people.



11. Wildlife Friendly Gardening Design

This type of rustic gardening design can easily attract birds, insects, and even small mammals. The bees and butterflies will love it, and the bees and butterflies on flowers will increase the beauty of the garden.

Wildlife Friendly Gardening Design


12. Stone Edging Garden Design

Stone edging enhances the look of your lawn and garden by making a clean defined area.


Stone Edging Garden Design


13. Walkways Safe Garden  

If you have a wide backyard, then you can try this garden design.

Walkways Safe Garden


14. Gardening Designs for Cramped Spaces

Grow plants on your balcony or terrace and throw in a vintage mirror and you can convert a cramped space.



15. Garden Without Grass

Adding sculptures, water features, stepping tiles, and many more. And flowers in a pot gonna increase the beauty of your garden.


Garden Without Grass


16. Pleasing Gardening Design

Create a good-looking design with a simple texture.

Pleasing Gardening Design


17. Rocky Garden Idea

This design will provide an outstanding look to the garden.


Rocky Garden Idea


18. Hanging Planters Garden

If you worry for a reason that you don’t have a large space in the backyard then his garden idea could be helpful to you.

Hanging Planters Garden


19. Herb Garden Idea

You can plant herbs for a good looking, or you can plant herbs that can be used for medicines.


20. Adorable Outdoor Space

Create a good-looking design with a simple texture.

Adorable Outdoor Space


21. Mesmerizing Garden Idea

The design idea of this garden is simple and attracts a lot of people.


Mesmerizing Garden Idea


22. Small Garden Landscaping Ideas

If you don’t have a big area no problem, we can add creativity to that area to make it better than a big garden.

Small Garden Landscaping Ideas


23. Planting Tower

It makes increases the beauty of buildings and gardens.

Planting Tower


24. Cottage Garden Idea

It is known for its unique style. They are made with informal design with traditional materials.

Cottage Garden Idea


25. Modern Garden Design Ideas

Nowadays, the concrete structure is prepared to decorate and keep flowers to provide a unique modern style.

Modern Garden Design Ideas


26. Stepping Stones

It is a way to add the artwork to your garden.

Stepping Stones


27. Inspiring Container Gardening Design

Keep beautiful containers and plant a well-seasoned flower in them.


28. Botanical Garden

This type of garden attracts butterflies and bees to your garden.

Botanical Garden


29. Small Dish Gardening Designs

Dish gardens are famous nowadays since they can provide a unique accent to your garden. This type of garden designs provides you a relaxing, enojyment.

Small Dish Gardening DesignsSmall Dish Gardening Designs


30. Zen Japanese Garden Design

These types of garden designs are mostly preferred in japan.


31. Retaining Wall Garden Ideas

Retaining walls can help you provide garden curb appeal.

Retaining Wall Garden Ideas


32. Bonsai Gardening Design

It is prepared by managing the area into a table where higher trees are kept in the upper and small trees in the lower.

Bonsai Gardening Design


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