5 Upgrades For A Functional And Modern Home

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Whether buying a new home or planning to build your own, it eventually reaches a time when you’d want to upgrade to a more functional and modern home. Imagine waking to the perfect home setting you’d always dreamt about. The feeling, the sense of accomplishment, and the satisfaction would be astonishing. 

However, you should note that upgrading your home can be overwhelming. You’ll have to invest a massive amount of money and time, especially when you want to update every aspect of your house all at once. It’s not something you rush into just because people are doing it. Home upgrades need time, planning, and resources, and it’d be best to move at a sure pace. 

Take as much time as you need to save enough money for the project and look up the best upgrades that fit your style and personality. And when you finally decide it’s the perfect time to start upgrade works, here are a few you may want to consider:



  5 Upgrades For A Functional And Modern Home  


  1. Update Your Kitchen Design  

When you start upgrading your home, start with the kitchen. Many people consider it the heart of every home, as it’s the space you use most frequently. The kitchen is where you spend the most time preparing meals and experimenting with new recipes. It’s also where you’ll spend quality time with your kids, passing down the family cooking recipes and traditions.  

You can choose many kitchen designs, including Mediterranean, traditional, modern, and contemporary. Remember, the kitchen design affects your home’s overall aesthetics, and you’d want to choose one that complements your interior décor. You may want to look for a great guide on modern kitchen renovations to help you choose the most appropriate style for your home. 

5 Upgrades For A Functional And Modern Home

Consider a kitchen design incorporating an excellent layout, quality materials, and essential appliances. Invest in quality materials, such as quartz, for your kitchen countertops – they make big statements about your taste and personality, making your kitchen convenient, easy to maintain, and more functional. 

You can also consider replacing your cabinets, as well as buying new energy-efficient appliances. Consider installing barn door cabinets for a unique, charming, and rustic look. They come in all designs, from traditional to industrial and modern, and are easy to install. 


  2. Renovate Your Bathroom  

The bathroom is another part of the house that you shouldn’t miss on your upgrade list. It’s where you keep your hygiene, and it should have the most updated features to make it more convenient and inviting.

The bathroom gives your home a more modern look and improves its functionality too. Generally, bathroom renovations improve your life and add value to your home.

One of the ways to wash off a tough day’s exhaustion is by spending quality time in the bathtub or shower. Therefore, consider investing in zero-threshold showers and a low-threshold bathtub for a better experience. 

You may want to update your bathroom lighting and storage too. Better lighting in the bathroom enhances the mood.

It makes the room more comfortable, welcoming, and peaceful; plus, improved lighting highlights the bathroom’s new designs and features, along with minimizing slip-and-fall accidents. 

The cabinets, shelves, and drawers affect the overall aesthetics of your bathroom. They provide enough storage space for your towels, medications, toiletries, and cleaning supplies.

Ensure you save enough cash to upgrade the whole room, not just the faucets and showerheads, for better functionality. 


  3. Revamp Your Family Room  

When anyone enters your home, the family room is the first thing they see. It’s the space most people use to entertain their guests and spend time relaxing.

You could choose many interior designs to create a functional and updated living room. For one, you can start by changing the furniture in your family room into modern designs. Getting a neutral-colored sofa is a good starting point, as neutral colors will give your home a modern flair. 

Sometimes you don’t need to buy new furniture for your home to be functional because you can achieve the same results by rearranging your current living room setting.

You can also update the lighting in the room by investing in new lamps and maximizing natural lighting.  


  4. Invest In Radiant Floor Heating  

You can invest in radiant floor heating for your family or the whole household too. It’s a heating system beneath your floor that provides warmth for your home. You’ll no longer have to slide in your slip-on whenever you want to go to the kitchen or bedroom, as you can go barefoot without worrying about cold feet.

However, installing a new radiant floor heating system will mean removing the existing flooring. 

The radiant floor heating offers a comfortable and cozy environment. It’s also energy efficient as you’ll no longer need heaters. Installing this system might be costly initially, but you’ll save lots of money in the long run. 


  5. Install Smart Technology-Enabled Devices  

Smart technology is among the green home renovation projects you should consider. It provides a central control point for all your devices and appliances using your smartphone, laptop, or tablet for as long as there’s an internet connection.

You no longer have to walk to the switch to turn on the lights or to switch off the TV. You can even create a schedule for your devices. For instance, if you’re usually asleep by 10 pm, you can set the lights to switch off at about the same time.

The best part is that smart home technology doesn’t limit you to a particular setup. You can set it up through wireless and hardwired systems. Wireless systems are more pocket friendly and easy to install. Nevertheless, you’ll need more robust internet connectivity and broadband service around the house to control every aspect of your devices. 

On the other hand, hardwired systems are more costly and require ethernet connectivity. Yet they’re more convenient and reliable and they optimize your home’s security as they’re challenging to hack.




House upgrades modernize your home and make it more functional and convenient. They drastically improve your home’s curb appeal and aesthetics.

Plus, a newly upgraded living space creates a relaxing and comfortable environment to spend your evening after a tough day in the office.

However, note that upgrades, such as radiant floor heating, bathroom, kitchen, and living room remodeling, require significant financial and time investments, and you’d want to be well-prepared before starting a home upgrade project. 

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