Places To Hide During Earthquake

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In this article, some of the places to hide during earthquakes are explained.


An earthquake is a sudden event of movement of the surface of the earth or ground resulting from the passage of seismic waves.

✔ It is unpredictable and can occur any day of the year, any second of the time, causing a lot of negative impacts and suffering.

The world has witnessed many devastating quakes that caused significant destruction and losses.

Thousands of people die or suffer severe injuries during an earthquake every year.

Why do buildings fall during Earthquakes?

In many cases, various casualties occur due to the lack of knowledge regarding what must be considered during an earthquake.

✔ For example, many people still believe that running outside the building during the shake is safer; they are unaware that doing so poses more risk of getting trapped by falling counterparts.

Hence, adequate guidelines regarding safer practices during an earthquake must be drafted and duly delivered to the people.



  1. Places To Hide During Earthquake  

Some of the places that are comparatively safer to hide during an earthquake can be summarized as follows:


i. Tables and Study Desks

In general, the safety guidelines for earthquakes claim practicing “Drop, Cover and Hold” is very efficient in preventing casualties.

What to do during an earthquake?

✔ The safest place to practice this is hiding under a study desk or table during an earthquake.

✔ Taking shelter under a table or desk during an earthquake can protect a person from the falling counterparts of the structure and falling debris.

Tables and study desks act as protective covers.

However, there always exists a risk of the table being broken, but it can still reduce the impact of the falling debris.


ii. Room Without Windows

During an earthquake, there is an increased risk of injury from falling broken glasses and windows.

Thus, as long as the shaking persists, it is safer to hide inside a room with no windows.

Generally, such rooms comprise the middle rooms or hall of the house. It is better to store emergency first aid kits in rooms that can be easily accessible during the emergency.


iii. Bed or Closet

If a person is on the bed when an earthquake strikes, they must stay on it.

The person must grab a pillow and cover their head and neck region to prevent injury from falling debris.

It is also necessary to ensure that the closet is free from any hazardous material that may pose a risk during the shaking of the house during an earthquake.

Places To Hide During Earthquake


iv. Door frame (as a shelter during the earthquake)

The door frame is not the safest place to be during an earthquake.

But, it can be used as a shelter during the shaking when no other alternative seems feasible.

It must be ensured that door frames have been constructed with adequate strength to withstand the falling debris load.

Places To Hide During Earthquake


v. Outside Open Spaces

If a person is outside the buildings during an earthquake, they must immediately run to open space.

They must watch for power lines, boundary walls, and falling trees.

The open space must be such that there is no possibility of getting injured by falling debris.


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