Difference Between Wood and Timber

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In this article, we will discuss the difference between wood and timber.


  1. Wood  

Woods are products made from trees. There are more than 60,000 types of trees in this world that can provide different qualities of wood.

Nowadays, woods are mostly used for decoration as compared to construction.

Wood has been replaced by steel and other materials in the field of construction.


Difference Between Wood and Timber




  2. Timber  

Timber may be known as one type of wood. Any type of wood can be capable of deforming in the least dimensional size and the needed form is classified as timber.

The timber is also called “LUMBER”. In Canada and US. Raw timber is utilized in structural work and finished timber is utilized for furniture. All timber is prepared from wood.

Typically, timber has two classifications that are Hardwood and Softwood. But multiple types of timbers are contained in this classification,

BambooGlulamMahoganySapele woodTulipwood
BirchCross-laminatedOakWalnutWood ash
CedarGreen timberPineSpruce


Difference Between Wood and Timber



  3. Difference Between Wood and Timber  

   1.‘Wood’ is used to apply to the material that makes the tree and transfer water and nutrition.Timber is one type of wood. This is used after the tree has fallen or been crushed.
   2.Wood is a fiber substance or rubbery which is out from plants or vegetation.Wood transformed into girders, beams, and boards.
   3.Wood is utilized for flooring, truss, making storage containers, plywood, veneers, log, etc.Timber is utilized for furniture, firebreaks, beam, other construction purpose, paper pulp, etc.
4.The central part of the trunk and branches are making up a substance that is utilized as a construction material.The forest trees are carried out as a source of wood.
5.Wood is covered with trees.Timber is prepared into a nest
6.The wood material can be prepared with a pencil, toothpick, stick, etc.Timber is a bigger wooden substance
7.Wood is used for different purposes.Timber is only utlized for industries and construction purposes.
8.Wood is directly gathered from the forest.Timbers are prepared of a straight wooden log.
9.Wood is rough wood.Timber is finished wood.
10.Wood is processed wood.Timber is unprocessed wood.
11.Wood is the material name all timbers and logs are made it.Timber is a wooden log and then converted into the beam, board, the shape of the rafter, etc.



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