Difference Between Footing and Foundation

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In this article, we will discuss the difference between footing and foundation.


  1. Footing  

The footing is a structural member that safely transfers the load of the superstructure to the ground, and is the foremost construction member of the building.

The primary method of footing design is to transmit the load so that the size per area of ​​the load transferred from the superstructure of the building is less than the strength that the ground can reinforce, that is, the bearing capacity.

With this function, the footing is a structure fixed between the ground and the column or wall directly above it, and the essential point in the essential design is to decrease the total quantity of settlement and control the occurrence of immobile settlement.

Types of Footings Following are the different types of footings, Continuous Wall Footing. Isolated Footing. Combined Footing. Strip Footing. Strap Footing. Raft Footing. Pile Footing.





  2. Foundation  

Foundation is the substructure that transfers the load from the superstructure to the soil beneath. It is responsible for the stability of the whole structure.

Foundation is an important component of any engineering work that greatly determines the strength and stability of the entire structure. Foundation acts as a medium to transfer the load from the superstructure to the underlying ground.

The selection of foundation depends upon these factors that are listed below:

✔ Loads from building

✔ Type of soil

✔ Type of structures in the neighborhood

✔ Type of foundations

The types of foundations such as isolated foundations, combined footings, pile foundations, raft or mat foundations, etc. depending on the types of soils and loads from the buildings can be chosen based on the situation and needs.


Types of Foundation

In general, foundations can be classified as:

a. Shallow Foundation

b. Deep Foundation


Difference Between Footing and Foundation



  3. Difference Between Footing and Foundation  

The difference between footing and foundation are as follows:

1The footing is a formation that is in contact with the ground.Foundation is a structure that transfers its gravity loads to earth from the superstructure.
2If footing can be compared with the feet of the legs.Foundation can be compared with legs.
3The footing is a type of shallow foundation.Foundation can be either shallow or deep.
4Footing includes slabs and rebar which are fabricated of brickwork, masonry, or concrete.Foundation types contain piles, caissons, footings, piers, lateral supports, and anchors.
5Footing reinforces support for an individual column.Foundation is extensive support  because it gives support to a group of footings as a whole building
6A number of footings rest on a foundation.Foundation is the support that supports all types of loadings on it.
7A footing is below the foundation wall.Foundations are the basement walls.
8Footing passes the loads immediately to the soil.Foundation is in direct touch with the soil and transfers it to the ground.
9All footings are considered to be foundations.Not all foundations are footings.



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