Difference Between Cement and Lime Plaster

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In this article, we will discuss the difference between cement and lime plaster.


  1. Introduction  

Plaster is a lean mortar used for decorative and protective purposes for coating of the wall, design finish, protection against weathering agents, etc.

It is composed of binding material ( cement or lime) with sand or coarse aggregate and water.


Difference Between Cement and Lime Plaster


  2. Types of Plaster  


a. Cement plaster 

The type of plaster which uses cement(generally portland cement) as the main binding materials along with sand and water mixed in definite proportion for a different purpose.


b. Lime plaster

The plaster that contains lime as binding material along with sand and water is known as lime plaster. It is the oldest form of plaster mostly used before the 1900s.


  3. Difference Between Cement and Lime Plaster  

The difference between cement plaster and lime plaster is given below;

       Lime Plaster                 Cement Plaster  
 It is more workable. It is less workable.
 It hardens slowly. It hardens quickly.
 It provides a good thermal insulator It is not so good a thermal insulator(i.e, cause condensation and mold problems).
 It can be recycled. It is not reusable but can be used as a landfill.
 Curing time is less. Curing time is more (i.e 28 days).
 It sets slowly. It sets quickly.
 It takes more time for complete work since after every single coating 1-2 days should be waited for applying the next coat. It takes less time to completion of work.



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