Carpet Area | Formula | Numerical | Difference Between Carpet Area and Plinth Area

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  1. Introduction  

The carpet area can be defined as the area that comprises of the usable spaces at any floor level of the building.

Carpet Area

It refers to the sum of the actual area of the rooms where the carpet can be laid. It comprises about 70% of the built-up area. 

In other words, the carpet area can be understood as the total precise area of the floor space that is covered by carpet in a building. It is exclusive of the thickness of the walls, lift, corridors, terrace, etc.


 Carpet Area = Built-up Area – Area of walls and lift


  2. Elements to be Included  

a. All the rooms of the buildings (including bedrooms, living rooms, study room and every other room).

b. Kitchen and Bathroom.

c. Storerooms and Balconies.


  3. Elements to be Excluded  

a. The external and internal walls within the building.

b. All the ducts for utility ducts and other recesses.

c. Corridors

d. Terrace


  4. Difference between Carpet Area and Plinth Area  

Carpet AreaPlinth Area
It is the actual area of the rooms where carpet can be laid.It is the sum of the total carpet area and the area covered by the walls.

Carpet Area = BuiltUp Area- Area of Walls


Plinth Area = Carpet Area + Area of the walls

It approximately comprises 70% of the built-up area.It is generally 10 to 20% more than the carpet area.


  5. Differences between Carpet Area and Super Built-Up Area  

Carpet AreaSuper Built-Up Area
It is the net usable area within the building at different floor levels.It is the sum total of the built-up area and other common areas such as lifts, balconies, verandahs etc.
Mathematically, it can be expressed as

Carpet Area = BuiltUp Area- Area of Walls

  Mathematically, it can be expressed as,

Super Built-Up Area = Carpet Area+ Area of Walls+ Area of all common spaces


  6. Numerical Example  

Calculate the carpet area per floor of a building which is three-storied from the information given below:

a. Plot Area of Building = 1800 m²

b. FSI Allowed = 1

c. The ratio of the Carpet Area to Built-Up Area = 0.8



FSI = Built-up Area /Plot Area

Or,  1 = Built-up Area/1800

Thus, Built-up Area = 1800 m²


The built-up area of each floor = 1800/3 (since the building is a three-storeyed building)

= 600 m²


The ratio of Carpet Area to Built-up area = 0.8

i.e. Carpet Area/Built-up Area = 0.8

or, Carpet Area/600 = 0.8

Thus, Carpet Area of Each Floor= 600 x 0.8 = 480 m²

Total Carpet Area of Building = 480 x 3 = 1440 m²


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