Burj Khalifa Height ( 829.8m ) : Tip Height, Top Floor Height, Antenna Height & Observatory Height

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This article will discuss Burj Khalifa Height and its detail with tip height, height of the top floor, height of the antenna, etc.


Total Burj Khalifa height is 829.8 m ( 2722.44 feet )

The top floor height of Burj Khalifa is 605 m (1,985 ft)


Total Architectural Height828 m (2,717 ft)
Tip Height From Ground829.8 m (2,722 ft)
Antenna spire Height223 m (732 ft)
Top Floor Height From Ground605 m (1,985 ft)
Observatory Height From Ground555.7 m (1,823 ft)


✔ Burj Khalifa is the tallest artificial free-standing structure ever built, with 829.8 m. It holds around 14 world records.

✔ Until the construction of the Jeddah Tower, Burj Khalifa will be the tallest structure in the world. Burj Khalifa is located in Dubai (UAE).

✔ Dubai government has already declared the construction of a new tower ( Creek Tower ) of approximately 1 km.

The total construction cost of Burj Khalifa was $1.5 billion.

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  1. Burj Khalifa Height & Other Details  

Burj Khalifa height along with other details is given below:


ParameterBurj Khalifa
1. ImageBurj Khalifa height
2. Present StatusCompleted.
3. LocationDubai, United Arab Emirates.
4. HeightThe height of Burj Khalifa is 2722.44 feet.
5. Number of Floors163 floors
6. Construction StartedJanuary 6, 2004.
7. Construction CompletedOctober 1, 2009.
8. Construction OpenedJanuary 4, 2010.
9. Top floor height605 m (1,985 ft)
10. Observatory555.7 m or, 1,823 ft.
11. Lifts/elevatorsThere are 57 elevators and eight escalators in Burj Khalifa.
12. Architectural styleNeo-futurism.
13. OwnerEmaar Properties.
14. Cost$1.5 Billion USD.
15. Main contractorSamsung C&T.
16. Structural engineerBill Baker.
17. Old name or Alternative nameBurj Dubai or, Khalifa Tower.
18. CountryThe United Arab Emirates.
19. Floor AreaThe Floor area of the tower is 309,473 m².
20. Led Designer Adrian Smith
21. Designer CompanySkidmore, Owings & Merrill
22. Primary StructureReinforced Concrete
23. Tip StructureStructural Steel
24. Workers Involved In Construction10,000 – 12,000
25. Worker Dead During Construction1
26. Apartments In The Building900
27. Total Hotel Rooms In The Building304
28. Total Work Hour To Construct22 Crore Hours
29. Average Monthly Worker Paid For ConstructionUS$190


The owner of Burj Khalifa is Emaar Properties Real Estate Development Company.

The total cost required for the complete construction of Burj Khalifa was $1.5 Billion.

There are 900 apartments and 304 hotel rooms, and the number of parking spaces is 2,957.



  2. Burj Khalifa Height in Meters  

Burj Khalifa height in meters  is given below:

Total Architectural Height828 m
Tip Height From Ground829.8 m
Antenna spire Height223 m
Top Floor Height From Ground605 m
Observatory Height From Ground555.7 m



  3. Burj Khalifa Height in Inches  

Burj Khalifa height in inches is given below:

Burj Khalifa Top Floor | Burj Khalifa Height

Total Architectural Height32598.4 Inches
Tip Height From Ground32669.291 Inches
Antenna spire Height8779.53 Inches
Top Floor Height From Ground23818.9 Inches
Observatory Height From Ground21877.953 Inches



  4. Burj Khalifa Height in Feet  

Burj Khalifa height in feet is given below:

Total Architectural Height2,717 ft
Tip Height From Ground2,722 ft
Antenna spire Height732 ft
Top Floor Height From Ground1,985 ft
Observatory Height From Ground1,823 ft



  5. Burj Khalifa Floor Details  

Burj Khalifa Top Floor

156–159Communication and broadcast
149–154Corporate suites
148At the Top Sky observatory
139–147Corporate suites
125–135Corporate suites
124At the Top observatory
123Sky lobby
122At.mosphere restaurant
111–121Corporate suites
76Sky lobby
43Sky lobby
38–39Armani Hotel suites
9–16Armani Residences
1–8Armani Hotel
GroundArmani Hotel, Lobby
ConcourseArmani Hotel, Lobby
B1–B2Parking, mechanical




  6. Jeddah Tower Vs Burj Khalifa  

Here is our comparison between Jeddah tower and Burj Khalifa.


ParameterJeddah TowerBurj Khalifa
1. ImageJeddah tower Vs Burj KhalifaBurj Khalifa height
2. Present StatusOn hold.Completed.
3. LocationJeddah, Saudi Arabia.Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
4. HeightIt will be at least 1000 m or 3,280 ft, or 1 Km high.The height of Burj Khalifa is 2722.44 feet.
5. Number of Floors167 (If completed as planned, the number of floors will be 167).163 floors
6. Construction StartedApril 1, 2013.January 6, 2004.
7. Construction CompletedNot revealed.October 1, 2009.
8. Construction OpenedNot revealed.January 4, 2010.
9. Top floor heightThe top floor height will be 668 m or, 2,192 ft (If completed as planned).605 m (1,985 ft)
10. ObservatoryIt will be 652 m or, 2,139 ft (If completed as planned).555.7 m or, 1,823 ft.
11. Lifts/elevators5957
12. Architectural styleNeo-futurism.Neo-futurism.
13. OwnerJeddah Economic Company; Kingdom Real Estate Development.Emaar Properties.
14. CostUSD 1.23 BillionUSD 1.5 Billion.
15. Main contractorSaudi Binladin Group.Samsung C&T.
16. Structural engineerThornton Tomasetti.Bill Baker.
17. Old name or Alternative nameKingdom Tower.Burj Dubai or, Khalifa Tower.
18. CountrySaudi Arabia.The United Arab Emirates.




  7. More About Burj Khalifa  

✔ Burj Khalifa is also known as Khalifa Tower.

✔ Emmar properties is the owner of this skyscraper.

✔ The total floor area of Burj Khalifa is 309,473 m².

✔ There are 57 lifts/elevators.

✔ There is a total of 163 floors ( 154 + 9 maintenance ).

✔ The architectural style of this tower was Neo-futurism.

✔ Burj Khalifa is named after Sheikh Khalifa.

✔ There are 2 underground levels for parking.



  8. Burj Khalifa Construction Timeline  

 January 2004 Excavation work was started
 February 2004 Piling work was started
 March 2005 Superstructure work was started
 June 2006 storey 50 was reached
 January 2007 storey 100 was reached
 March 2007 Storey 110 was reached
 April 2007 Storey 120 was reached
 May 2007 Storey 130 was reached
 July 2007 Storey 141 was reached
( world’s tallest building )
 September  2007 Storey 150 was reached
( world’s tallest free-standing  structure )
 April 2008 Storey 160 was reached
( world’s tallest man-made  structure )
 January 2009 Completion of spire
Burj Khalifa tops out
 September  2009 Exterior cladding work was completed
 January 2010 An official launching ceremony was held




  9. References  


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