Blueprint Symbols: Floor Plan, HVAC, Plumbing and Architectural Floor Plan Symbols

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Blueprints are a group of symbols. Blueprint symbols are utilized to denote objects, functions, or systems in the plan of engineering drawing.

Blueprint symbols are utilized in architectural drawings, structural drawings, electrical drawings, etc.





  1. Floor Plan Symbols  


Blueprint Symbols


In-floor plans we see various types of symbols, it contains furniture, windows, doors, etc. Some major symbols of floor plans are a compass, doors, stairs, windows, walls, and applications.



It is an arrow symbol that provides an orientation to the building by which the architect or builder can know the north direction. By this symbol, we can easily know the east, west, north, and south directions.


The door symbol is provided by the straight line and the arc represents the opening projection of the door.


It is prepared by parallel lines and is placed between two windows.


The symbol of a window is drawn by three lines.


Walls are of two types; interior walls and exterior walls. Both walls are prepared by two parallel lines but exterior wall lines are dark and thick and interior wall lines are light.


These are the other symbols in the floor plan such as the bathtub, toilet, sinks, other furniture, etc. All appliance symbols are prepared by single lines.


Some floor plan abbreviations:

ACAir Conditioner
BVButterfly Valve
CFConcrete Floor
CTCeramic Tile
CWCavity Wall
EF- Exhaust Fan Exhaust Fan
DWDish Washer
GMGas Meter
HTR Heater


Blueprint Symbols





  2. HVAC Symbols on Blueprints  


HVAC Symbols on Blueprints





  3. Plumbing And Piping Blueprint Symbols  

Piping and Connection Blueprint Symbols

In the plumbing system, all fixtures and valves are drawn as many symbols that are below-

Sr.No.Plumbing BlueprintSymbols
1Piping Line
a.Major PipelineMajor Pipeline
bConnected Pipeline
cMajor Straight lineMajor Pipeline
dStraight Line PipeMajor Pipeline
eProcess Connection
fSide by Side
gMultiple LineMultiple Line
hSoil and Waste, Above Grade, Soil and Waste,Soil and Waste, Above Grade, Soil and Waste,
iBelow GradeBelow Grade
kCold WaterVent
lHot WaterHot Water
mHot Water ReturnHot Water Return
oGas LineFireLine
pAcid WasteAcid Waste
qDrinking-Water SupplyDrinking-Water Supply
rDrinking-Water ReturnDrinking-Water Supply
sVacuum CleaningVacuum Cleaning
tCompressed AirCompressed Air
2.0Pipe Fittings BlueprintSymbols
aPipe JointPipe Joint
dElbow–Turned UpElbow–Turned Up
eElbow–Turned DownElbow–Turned Down
fElbow–Long RadiusElbow–Long Radius
gSide Outlet Elbow– Outlet Down.Side Outlet Elbow– Outlet Down.
hSide Outlet Elbow– Outlet Up
iBase ElbowBase Elbow
jDouble Branch ElbowDouble Branch Elbow
kSingle Sweep TeeSingle Sweep Tee
lDouble Sweep TeeDouble-Sweep-Tee
mReducing ElbowReducing Elbow
nReducing Elbow Down
oTeeReducing Elbow Down
pTee–Outlet UpTee–Outlet Up
qSide Outlet Tee– Outlet UpSide Outlet Tee– Outlet Up
rSide Outlet Tee– Outlet DownSide Outlet Tee– Outlet Down
sCrossSide Outlet Tee– Outlet Down
tConcentric ReducerConcentric Reducer
uEccentric ReducerEccentric Reducer
wExpansion JointLateral
3.0Plumbing Valve BlueprintSymbols
aGate ValveGate Valve
bGlobe ValveGlobe Valve
cAngle Globe ValveAngle Globe Valve
dAngle Gate ValveAngle Gate Valve
eCheck ValveCheck Valve
fAngle Check ValveAngle Check Valve
gStop CockStop Cock
hSafety ValveSafety Valve
iQuick-Opening ValveQuick-Opening Valve
jFloat Valve
kMotor-Operated Gate Valve
4.0Plumbing Fixture BlueprintSymbols
aCorner Bathtub
bRecessed Bathtub
cSitz Bath
eShower Stall
fShower Head
gOverhead Gang Shower
hPedestal Lavatory
iWall Lavatory
jCorner Lavatory
kHandicapped Lavatory
lDental Lavatory
mStandard Kitchen Sink
nKitchen Sink, R & L Drain Board
oKitchen Sink, L H Drain Board
pCombination Sink & Dishwasher
qCombination Sink & Laundry Tray
rService Sink
sWash Sink (Wall-Type)
tWash Sink
uLaundry Tray (Single)
vLaundry Tray (Double)
wWater Closet (Tank-Type)
xWater Closet (Integral Tank)
yWater Closet (FlushValve, Floor Outlet)
zWater Closet (FlushValve, Wall-Hung)
AUrinal (Wall-Hung)
BUrinal (Stall)
CUrinal (Trough-Type)
DDrinking Fountain (Recessed)
EDrinking Fountain (Semi-Recessed)
FDrinking Fountain (Projecting-Type)
GHot Water Tank
HWater Heater
JHose Rack
KHose Bibb
LGas Outlet
MVacuum Outlet
OGrease Separator
POil Separator
RGarage Drain
SFloor Drain with Backwater Valve
TRoof Sump





  4. Architectural Floor Plan Symbols  

Architectural floor plan symbols contain various types of symbols and they are normally bigger in size. Architectural symbols are majorly divided into four parts, that are- service symbols, lighting symbols, electrical symbols, and plan-elevation-section symbols.

a. Service Blueprint Symbols

Service symbols are the mechanism symbols which are soil pipes, ventilation, etc.


Sr.No.Service Blueprint Symbols
1Rainwater Outlet
2Soil Vent Pipe
3Boiler Flue
4Rainwater Hopper Outlet
5Mechanical Fan Vent
6Passive Vent
7Direction of Drainage
8Surface Water Drainage
9Insulated Rain Water Pipe
10Insulated Soil Vent Pipe
11Soil Vent Pipe At Through Roof
12Air Admittance Valve
13Incoming Hot Water
14Incoming Cool Water
15Foul Water Run Above Ground



b. Lighting Blueprint Symbols

Here, all types of light symbols are discussed, and there are various types which are as follows:


Sr.No.Lighting BlueprintSymbols
1Recessed Spot Light
2Adjustable Recessed Spot- IP Rated
3Recessed Spot Light- IP Rated
4Recessed Floor Light
5Underwater Light
6Outdoor Plan Light
7Pillar Light
8Wall Light
9Sensor Operated Wall Light
10Surface Mounted Spot Light IP Rated
11Recessed Stair Light
12External Wall Mounted Light
13LED Strip Light
14Fluorescent Strip Light
15Stick on Strip Light
16Single Gang One-Way Light Switch
17Double Gang One-Way Light Switch
18Triple Gang One-Way Light Switch
19Single Gang Two-Way Light Switch
20Double Gang Two-Way Light Switch
21Triple Gang Two-Way Light Switch
22Dimmer Light Switch
232-Way Dimmer Switch
243-Way Dimmer Switch
25PIR Sensor
26Rocker Switch



c. Electrical Blueprint Symbols

Electrical blueprint symbols are very essential symbols in engineering drawing. Electrical symbols are contained to neglect the excess delay of an electric circuit. Electrical blueprint symbols are utilized in engineering drawing to know effortlessly by workers and drafters.


Electrical blueprint symbols are below:

Sr.No.Electrical BlueprintSymbols
1Single Power Socket
2Double Power Socket
3Cooker Point
4Unswitched Fused Spur
5External Power Socket
6Telephone Point
7Cat 6 Data Point
8Extract Vent
9Fire Alarm Panel
10Shaver Socket
11Speaker Point
12TV Aerial Point
13Floor Box
14Floor Socket
15Passive Extract
16Mechanical Extract
17Distribution Board
18Smoke Detector
19Heat Detector
20Carbon Monoxide Detector
21Extract Fan
22Underfloor Heating Control




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