Ways to Improve the Bearing Capacity | Compacting, Confining & More Ways of lmproving Bearing Capacity

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In this article, we will discuss the ways to improve the bearing capacity of the soil.


  1. Introduction  

The bearing capacity of soil may be explained as the capacity of the soil to hold the loads transferring from the foundation. The pressure which the soil can easily resist against load is called allowable bearing pressure.


  2. Ways to Improve the Bearing Capacity  

Sometimes the safe bearing pressure of soil is so low that the dimensions of the footing work out to be very large and uneconomical. It becomes essential to improve the bearing pressure which can be done by the following methods.

i. Increasing depth of the foundation

ii. Compacting the soil

iii. Draining the soil

iv. Confining the soil

v. Grouting

vi. Chethical treatment


Ways to Improve the Bearing Capacity


  1. Increasing depth of foundation  

Bearing capacity increases with the depth due to the confining weight of the overlying material.


  2. Compaction of soil  

Compaction of natural soil deposits or man-made fills results in the improvement: of bearing capacity and reduction in the resulting settlements. Compaction of soil can be effectively achieved by the following means.

a) Ramming moist soil

b) Rubble compaction into the soil

c) Flooding the soil

d) Vibration

e) Vibro-flotation

f) Compaction by pre-loading

g) Using sand piles etc.


  3. Drainage of soil  

The soil has a low shearing strength in presence of excess water. Drainage results in a decrease in the voids ratio and improvement of bearing power.


  4. Confining the soil  

The tendency of lateral movement can be checked by confining the soil, outside the perimeter of the foundation area, by driving sheet piles, thus forming an enclosure and confining the soil.


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   5. Grouting  

i. Suitable in loose gravels and fissured rocky strata.

ii. The crack, voids, and fissured of the strata are thus tilled with grout, resulting in the increase in the bearing value.


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  6. Chemical Treatment  

Certain chemicals are routed in the place of cement grout. The chemical should be such that it can solidify and gain early strength.

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