What is BHK? | BHK Full Form | Types of BHK


In this article, we will discuss BHK (Bathroom, Hall & Kitchen).


  1. Introduction  

BHK stands for a Bedroom, Hall, and Kitchen.

To understand it easily take an example 2BHK which means 2 Bedrooms, a Hall, and a kitchen.

4BHK means 4 Bedrooms, a Hall and a Kitchen.

Many sellers include Toilet/Bathroom as Bedrooms so they call it like 3BHK, 4 BHK. Sometimes people may say 2BHK + 2T which simply means that there are 2 Bedrooms, a Hall, a Kitchen, and 2T means 2 Toilets.


For Example,

1BHK denotes 1 bedroom, hall, kitchen

2BHK denotes 2 bedrooms, hall, kitchen

3BHK denotes 3 bedrooms, hall, kitchen

4BHK denotes 4 bedrooms, hall, kitchen




  2. Note: 


  a. 1RK and studio apartments are similar to each other or not?.  

The difference between 1RK and studio apartments is that Studio apartments do have a hall or living space but a 1RK provides a miss to the hall space.
  b. 2 BHK Standard Size?.  

A 2BHK denotes that the particular property has 2 bedrooms, 1 hall, and a kitchen. The standard size / Area varies between 650 sq ft to 1,000 sq ft or More it also varies from project to project.

Some builders may provide an 800-sq ft property as a 1BHK and some others may offer a 2BHK in that space.


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