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1. What are the different types of slumps of concrete?

⇒ The different types of slumps are as follows:

a. True slump,

b. Shear slump,

c. Collapse slump


2. What is the slump value of concrete for normal RCC work?

⇒ It is 80 to 150 mm for normal RCC work and 25 to 50 mm for mass concreting.


3. What are the various steps involved in the process of concreting?

⇒ The various steps involved in the process of concreting are as follows:

a. Batching

b. Mixing

c. Transportation

d. Placing

e. Compaction

f. Finishing

g. Curing


4. What should be the minimum value of concrete cover?

⇒ It should not be less than double the stirrup bar diameter.


5. Why is the concrete cover value for different RCC Members?

⇒  The concrete cover value for different RCC Members are as follows:

a. Slab = 20 mm

b. Beam = 25 mm

c. Column = 40 mm

d. Footing = 50 mm


6. What is the standard size of a concrete cube?

⇒ 150mm × 150 mm × 150 mm


7. How many cubes are filled for 1 cubic meter of concrete?

⇒ Here is the calculation:

1 sample = 3 cube

1-5cum = 1

6 – 15 cum = 2

16 – 30 cum = 3

31 – 50 cum = 4

50 cum and above = 4 plus one additional sample for each 50 additional cum.


8. How much concrete gains strength after seven days?

⇒ 7 days – 65%


9. What is the soundness of cement?

⇒ It is a property that makes sure the cement does not show any considerable expansion once it has been set.


10. What are the names of different tests to check the concrete quality?

On fresh Concrete

a. Workability

b. Air Content

c. Setting Time


On hardened Concrete

a. Compressive strength

b. Tensile strength

c. Modulus of Elasticity

d. Permeability test

e. In situ test





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