Best Paint Brand In India

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In this article, we will discuss the best paint brand in India.

Paint can be defined as a pigmented liquid with a liquefiable nature that substrates into a thin layer and converts to a solid film upon application.

The primary objective of paint is to protect, impart color and provide texture to the surface where it is applied.

In other words, paint can be understood as the substance that is commonly used as the final finish to the surfaces of the structures for protecting or decorating the surface.

The base, vehicle, thinner, and pigments are the main components of paint.

Paint is basically a pigmented opaque material i.e. it can hide the surface to which it is applied.

A wide variety of paints with various formulae are used all over the world.

The most common types of paint formulae available in the market are oil-based formulae and water-based formulae. Paint is also available in a wide variety of colors.

It is basically stored and applied as a liquid but eventually dries into a solid after application.

It is a combination of pigments with appropriate thinners or oil. It is usually applied to the surface by spraying or brushing. All paints are not appropriate for all conditions. For various conditions, various types of paints are desirable.



  1. Best Paint Brand In India  

The following are the best paint brand in India are as follows:

a. Asian Paints

b. Dulux Paints

c. Berger Paints

d. Nerolac Paints

e. Nippon Paint

f. Indigo Paints

g. British Paints

h. Shalimar Paints

i. Agsar Paints

j. Jotun Paints


a. Asian Paints

The Asian Paints Company was established in 1942, and it has stood as a major brand in the Indian market as Asian Paint. It is the Best Paint Brand in India for any sort of wall paint.

Also, it has an expansive scope of paints that suffice individual as well as professional requirements and delivers home improvement and décor segments along with bath and kitchen products. It is effortlessly obtainable in urban and rural areas of India.


Asian Paints


Properties of Asian Paint

a. High–Quality Product.

b. Last Long period.

c. Easy to remove dirt and stains.

d. Available in an Affordable price range.


Best Products:

Asian paint Tractor

Emulsion Asian Paints

Apcolite Premium Emulsion

Asian Paints Royale Luxury Emulsion

Asian Paints Royale Matt Emulsion


Contact information

Contact number: 1800-209-5678, 022 – 6218 1000





b. Dulux Paints

Dulux paint was founded in 1931 and was launched in India in 2004 also it is an international company that mainly supplies sustainable paints and coatings for its customers. Dulux paint is one of the best paint brands in India. It requires a longer time to dry.


Dulux Paints


Properties of Dulux Paints

This paint has longer durability.

Also, it is easily available in a wide range of colors.

This Dulux paint is environmentally friendly.


Best Products:

Weather Shield anti-Carb

Weather Shield TRE2000

Interior A900

Weather shield creation Stonetex


Contact information

Contact numbers:  0333 222 7171, 0333 222 7676.




c. Berger Paints

This Berger paint is established in 1760 in the UK, and Berger paints is one of the shortest–growing paints company in India. Berger Paints was established in 1923 in India, Due to its vibrant scope of colors and its quality it fast became famous.


Berger Paints


Also, it delivers decorative patterned templates to paints to complete the wall look more attractive which is listed as the best paint brand in India. For a more pleasing texture need more than one coat of paint is used.

Total Sales: Rs 6,869 Cr

ROE: 21.00 %

Sales Growth (3Yrs): 12.80 %

Promoter holding: 75.00 %

Debt to equity: 0.40

Price to book value: 18.9


Properties of Berger Paints

This paint is straightforward to employ.

It is easily obtainable in an expansive scope of colors.

These paints stay for a long duration.

It needs a quick time for Drying.


Best Products:

Easy clean Fresh(White Color)

Luxol Xtra (Cornerstone-8A2578)

Silk Breath Easy (Green Stalk )

Weather coat long life


Contact information

Contact number: 1800 103 6030, +91 33 2229 9724




d. Kansai Nerolac Paint

The Kansai Nerolac paint company is commonly known as Nerolac paint and it is one of the best paint companies existing in India.

It is a Japanese company that was formed in 1918, and in 1920 it founded its first Indian headquarter in Mumbai.



Total Sales: Rs 5793 Cr.

ROE: 13.38 %

Sales Growth (3Yrs): 12.92 %

Promoter holding: 74.99 %

Debt to equity: 0.05

Price to book value: 7.89


Properties of Nerolac Paint

This paint resists stains.

It resists fungal.

It is a waterproof kind of paint.

It has a low odor.


Best Products:

Nerolac Excel Top Guard

Nerolac Excel Total

Nerolac Excel Mica Marble

Excel Mica Marble Stretch & Sheen


Contact information

Contact number: 1800 209 2092




e. Nippon Paint

This Nippon Paint is a Japanese paint brand it has been offering in Indian markets for over a decade and it is one of the best paint companies in Asia. It is regarded as a good option when examining the best paint brand in India.



Properties of Nippon Paints

This Nippon Paint is Eco-Friendly.

This Paint has Antibacterial properties.

The Nippon Paintworks is like Air purifying paint.

This Nippon Paint was used for a water resistance project.


Best Products:

Nippon Paint Breeze Emulsion

NipponPaint Vinilex Emulsion

Nippon Paint Atom 2 In 1

Nippon Paint Spotless NXT


Contact information

Contact number: 044-4298 2222




f. Indigo Paint  

This Indigo Paint was formed in the year 2000 and it supplies water-based paints like interior and exterior emulsion, primers, and distempers. This Indigo Paint is more expensive.

It offers a special range of products that is a concoction of elegance and style which offers the quality of the top-rated paint brand in India.



Total Sales: ₹ 726 Cr

Dividend Yield: 0.00 %

ROCE: 24.6 %

ROE: 18.6 %

Face Value: ₹ 10.0

Promoter holding: 54.0 %

Debt to equity: 0.02


Properties of Indigo Paint

a. It makes a low odor.

b. It includes mildew resistance and Fungus Resistance.

c. It provides a smooth finish sort of texture.

d. Also, it terminates stains and dirt smoothly.


Best Products:

Indigo Bronze Interior Emulsion

Indigo Acrylic Distemper Silver Series

Indigo Interior Emulsion Silver Serie

Indigo Bright Ceiling Coat Platinum Series


Contact information

Contact Number- 020 6681 4300



g. British Paints

This British Paint is mostly employed for Industrial painting objectives and it is one of the most extensive paint companies in India. It delivers customized painting services with customer satisfaction while looking for the top-rated paint brand in India.

It was founded in India in 1947 and soon evolved as a leading supplier of industrial, architectural, and marine projects, and it is one of the best cost-effective paints companies which also presents a variety of decorative and industrial use believed the top-rated paint brand in India.



Properties of British Paint

This paint gives excellent quality to the product.

This British paint is effortlessly available in a various range of colors.


Best Products:

Sheer Class Splendor Luxury Emulsion

Glamour Advanced Anti Stain

Glamour Advanced Premium Acrylic Emulsion

Glamour Premium Acrylic Emulsion


Contact information

Contact number: +91-11-2924 0394-96




h. Shalimar Paint

This Shalimar paint was founded in 1902 in Howrah, West Bengal by Britishers, also mostly employed for painting monuments and government infrastructure.

The company’s headquarters is located in Gurgaon, Haryana. AC Turner and AC Wright are the founders. Industrial coatings and ornamental paints are manufactured and circulated by the company.

The paint is employed for exterior surfaces, Interior Surfaces, Floors, Wood Surfaces, and Metal surfaces.



Total Sales: Rs 332 Cr

ROE: -29.76 %

Sales Growth (3Yrs): -9.17 %

Promoter holding: 53.10 %

Debt to equity: 0.45

Price to book value: 1.40


Properties of Shalimar Paints

It gives long durability.

This paint resists fungi and Bacteria.


Best Products:

Shalimar Aluminum Paint

Jetlac Care Wood PU Glossy Finish

Superlac Advance White

Superlac Universal Stainer Burnt Sienna


Contact information

Contact number: +91-124-4616600




i. Agsar Paint

This Agsar Paint was established in 1974 in Tuticorin Tamil Nadu and it is available in three various brands namely, Ancillary, Industrial, And Decorative each offering specialized services and products.



Properties of Agsar Paint

The nature of Paint is Eco friendly.

It withstands Heat and Rain.

It easily purifies the air.

This paint is smoothly obtainable in a various range of colors.


Best Products:

Agsar Ranger Colour Plus

DON Premium Exterior Emulsion


Exterior Wall Primer


j. Jotun Paint

This Jotun Paint was established in the 1920s it is a Norwegian paint brand that originally began as a shipping paint supplier and then formed the first readymade paint in the early 1930s. This paint is costly compared to others. It has a narrow range of products for household use.



Properties of Jotun Paints

This Paint is Non-Toxic in nature.

This Jotun Paint is Safe for the Environment.

It dries fast.


Best Products:

Jota shield Colour Extreme

Jota shield Ultra Clean

Jota Shield Anti fade Colours

Jota Shield Flex


Contact information

Telephone: +91 22 26848932,+91 226787 2100





  2. Total Sales of Best Paint Brands In India  

The total sales of the best paint brands in India are as follows:

Paint BrandTotal Sales
Asian PaintsINR 20,468 Cr
Berger PaintsINR 6,404 Cr
Kansai Nerolac PaintsINR 5,504 Cr
AkzoNobel IndiaINR 2,842 Cr
Indigo PaintsINR 723 Cr
Nippon PaintsINR 500 Cr
Shalimar PaintsINR 332 Cr
Dulux Paints
Jenson & Nicholson PaintsINR 350 Cr
Sheenlac PaintsINR 100 Cr



  3. Characteristics of Paint  

The characteristics of good paint can be listed as follows:

a. Paint should have high coverage and durability.

b. It must be able to form an elastic, tough, and hard film upon drying.

c. The paint must have a good hiding power and must impart the required color.

d. It must not crack upon drying.

e. It must be able to withstand the weathering effects as well as corrosion.

f. The paint must dry quickly.

g. The color imparted by the paint should not fade away within a short period of time.

h. It must be resistant to blistering, cracking, and moisture.



  4. Uses of Paint  

The uses of paint are as follows:

a. It is employed as a protective covering to control corrosion, chemical attacks, and other weathering effects.

b. It is employed to improve the aesthetic impression of the structure.


Hope you liked our post Best Paint Brand In India.



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