Ashlar Fine Tooled Masonry

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In this article, we will discuss ashlar fine tooled masonry and requirements during the construction.


What is Stone Masonry?

The art of construction of stone units bonded together with mortar is called stone masonry.


What is Ashlar Masonry? 

The stone masonry constructed using finely dressed stone blocks is called ashlar masonry.

In ashlar masonry; 

a. The stone blocks used may be either square or rectangular.

b. The height of stone varies from 25 to 30 cm.



  Ashlar Fine Tooled Masonry  

Ashlar Fine Tooled Masonry is a type of ashlar masonry. 

✔ It is the finest type of stone masonry work.

✔ Each stone is cut to the regular and required size and shape to have all sides rectangular so that the stone gives perfectly horizontal and vertical joints with adjoining stones.

The beds, joints, and faces are chisel-dressed, such that all waviness and unevenness are completely removed and a fairly smooth surface is obtained.

The face which remains exposed in the final work is so dressed that no point on the dressed face is more than 1 mm from a 600 mm long straight edge placed on the surface in any direction.

The top and bed are also so dressed that no point on the surface is more than 3 mm, from the straight edge.

✔ The side surfaces to form the vertical joints are also depressed that no point on the surface is more than 6 mm from the straight edge.

The surfaces forming internal joints which are not visible are also so dressed that at no point in the surface is more than 10 mm from the straight edge.

All the angles and edges that remain exposed in the final position are kept as true square and free from chippings. The thickness of courses is generally less than 15 cm. The width of the stone is not kept less than its height.

✔ Headers and stretchers are laid alternatively in each course or courses of headers and courses of stretchers may be laid alternatively or they may be laid as otherwise directed.

✔ The thickness of the mortar joint is finely pointed.


Ashlar Fine Tooled


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