10 Aesthetic House Additions: Elevate Your Home’s Style With These Picks

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A house is only more of a home if you decorate it based on your aesthetic preferences. Fortunately, elevating your home’s style does not have to be something drastic, intimidating, or costly.

There are simple and affordable approaches that can quickly make your home more visually stunning while reflecting your tastes. Here are 10 picks—from furniture to accessories and lighting—that instantly rejuvenate your home without hurting your pockets.


1. Drop-leaf table

Keep it aesthetic with dining furniture like a classic cream oak drop-leaf table with two high-backed chairs. A drop-leaf table is a cool and versatile addition to any nook and could be expanded to seat two more guests comfortably.

If you’ve always wanted to save a bit of space but want extra seats just in case you have drop-ins, this is the perfect solution. It’s even more ideal for families who love to share meals.

For aesthetic variety, you can change the table dressing and seat covers with complementary designs from time to time!


2. Reclining sofa

Are you partial to stuffed seats with comfortable armrests while snuggling with a book or watching your favorite show? Then you would love living room sofas with seating that can be individually reclined.

Reclining sofas are typically spacious and come in various traditional and contemporary styles. Did we mention that they have cupholders and footrests too? So if you want some serious ‘me time,’ you can relax here with coffee or tea and some company!


3. Sleek lamp

The Amasai black lamp accent piece blends function with a sculptured look. While its black color and clean design make it perfect for minimalist homes, it can complement various décor styles.

The lamp adds a touch of sophistication while creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere by casting a gentle, warm glow. It can be a versatile accent piece in a well-appointed living room or a reading lamp in a cozy corner. Plus, its unique design makes it a conversation piece.


4. Artificial plants

Plants have a way of livening up a corner. If you think a bookshelf or lamp looks bare, spruce up the area with plants. Sounds easy, but it’s a tall order for people without a green thumb.

Artificial plants

Artificial plants are an option if you can’t commit to live plants. Choose a plant whose foliage is in its natural color and branches look natural. Also, consider the size and proportions of the space where you plan to display it. The plant should neither be too large nor too small for the area. It’s also crucial that it complements the overall aesthetic of the room.


5. Tufted headboard

Bedrooms can instantly look like they were professionally designed by smartly coordinating the headboard with the room’s dominant color. This will create a cohesive look and make the room feel more put-together. For instance, if the walls are painted sage green, you can use a light-gray tufted headboard.

Choosing complementary colors does the trick. However, you can always opt for neutral colors—like white, gray, brown, or beige—because their natural elegance makes these colors versatile. They can easily match any color room and the furniture pieces inside it.


6. Farmhouse kitchen style

If your kitchen is dull or dated and you’re partial to a rustic charm, perhaps a farmhouse kitchen is a good choice. You can make your kitchen come alive with wooden or wood-like flooring and a fresh coat of paint on the cupboards.

You can also install a farmhouse sink. These sinks typically have a large, deep basin and a front-facing design, adding a touch of vintage charm. The farmhouse aesthetic provides practicality and functionality.


7. Entertainment cabinets

Most homeowners would have mounted TVs. However, for those whose walls are not strong enough or those who are not allowed to drill holes, there are functional entertainment cabinets that can even be a statement piece.

They can also be a more affordable option than mounting a TV; if you need to rearrange your furniture, you can easily move it around.

Choose a cabinet that matches the overall aesthetic of your room. Look for a finish and design that complements your taste and enhances the room’s visual appeal.


8. Area rugs

Want to set off a certain area with flair and glamour? When everything else is plain and stark, add a little coziness with a deft choice of area rug.

Choosing the correct patterns and colors can be tricky, but if you stick to your general theme and consider how the design will age over the years, you can find your keeper.


9. Etagere bookcase

Not all homeowners have the luxury of space. For instance, if you want to showcase some books, photos, and a personal collection of curiosities but find regular bookcases drab, go industrial with an etagere bookcase!

Some etageres have a small footprint but a lot of room in its many layers to showcase your collection.


10. Wall décor

Wall décors can be an ode to your personal space, creating a unique ambiance. For instance, do you have beautifully captured photos, paintings, prints, or collectibles? Hang these in groups, but leave plenty of white space so it doesn’t look cramped or campy.

You can also consider hanging repurposed windows, colored glass, or portions of metal gates, which can add a touch of creativity and nostalgia.

Remember that wall décors don’t have to be permanent. As your interests and passions change over time, you can update your living space by changing the details on your walls.



Creating beautiful, stylish spaces does not have to be extremely expensive. You can start an aesthetic makeover by choosing elements and details you can revamp to achieve a brand-new feel.

From drop-leaf tables and reclining sofas to sleek lamps and artificial plants, numerous options can elevate your home’s style without breaking the bank.

The key is to choose elements that align with your taste, complement your existing furniture, and create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. Start with what changes matter most, and let your creativity take you there.

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