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16 Living Room Accessories List | With Images

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 1. Introduction  

Several accessories are used to improve the aesthetic beauty of the Living room. Some living room accessories are Sofa, fan, heater, vases, etc.


  2. Living Room Accessories  

16 living room accessories with images are given below:

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Name Image  Use
1. Sofa Living Room Accessories Used to sit/rest.
2. Vessels and Vases Vessels Used for decoration purposes.
3. Mirror Mirror Used to bounce light around.
4. Table Living Room Accessories Used to keep Vessels and Vases.
5. Blub Blub Used for lighting purposes.
6. lamp lamp Used for lighting and decoration.
7. Bookshelf Book shelf To put books, magazines, etc.
8. Cushion Cushion Used for decoration.
9. Curtain Curtain To ensure privacy.
10. Paintings Paintings To add aesthetic beauty.
11. Clock Clock To watch time.
12. Gold Decorative Planter With Stand Gold Decorative Planter With Stand For decoration purposes.
13. Floormat Living Room Accessories To provide grip to feet or to sit/rest.
14. Fan Fan Used for circulating air in rooms.
15. Heater Heater Used to heat the room.
16. TV Frame TV frame Used to hold a TV.


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