Wall Cladding : Types, Advantages, Disadvantages & Factors to be Considered

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Wall cladding is done to protect the home’s outer walls from weather agent’s effects as well as chemical effects that may add a negative effect on the wall of the building.

Cladding can be performed by giving an extra layer to the walls of any material. It can be a good choice for our interior walls.





  1. Factors to be Considered for Wall Cladding  

I. Interior Wall Cladding

a. The cladding should provide a good and smooth finish.

b. It must be able to resist moisture.

c. It must be able to withstand stains and conceal them as much as possible.

d. It must be effortlessly washable.


II. Exterior Wall Cladding

a. It should be rendered protect to the walls against weather conditions.

b. It should be aesthetically appealing.

c. It is used for the thermal insulation of the house.

d.It also cuts off the sound and helps in making the building soundproof.

e. It must be able to withstand the fire for a longer time.





  2. Types of Wall Cladding  

Following are the various types of cladding are as follows: 

1. Stone Cladding

2. Vinyl Cladding

3. Brick Cladding

4. Fibre Cement Cladding

5. Wooden Cladding

6. Aluminum Cladding

7. Steel Cladding

8. Glass Cladding


a. Stone Cladding

Stone cladding contains a layer of stones like granite, sandstone, and slate, thus providing a natural look. It provides an ancient look. It could be a good choice for your living room, indoor gardens, or bathroom walls.

Stone cladding is available in a lot of variety of various colors and textures. It is very lightweight and durable. It does not hold much water in it, therefore it could be a good choice for bathroom walls and indoor gardens. Its natural aspect stands out in the middle of the other walls. So, it can be used for the walls of the living room. The stains present can be effortlessly hidden away in the wall as it is of dark color.


Stone Cladding


b. Vinyl Cladding

a. It contains cladding of polyvinyl chloride also called PVC.

b. If you desire to build your outer walls aesthetically good-looking, then you can build this on your building walls.

c. Its standard is slightly lower than wood but can be costly to build.

d. It can effortlessly resist the effects of climatic conditions.

e. Galvanization can be performed to prepare it to withstand the weather.

f. It is not costly as compared to other types of cladding, so it can be built if you want for good aesthetic beauty walls under the budget.

g. It is a versatile material, it provides different options in color, texture, and design from which you can mix and match and get your best special beautiful walls.

h. It is available in the market with its own locking system by attaching nails to the walls.

i. As some gap is left between the walls and the vinyl cladding, it provides an insulation purpose.

j. No tension of twisting or bending as in the case of wooden cladding.

k. It does not need more routine maintenance.

l. Just take a damp cloth dipped in soap water and you are good to go. The price of cleaning agents is not expensive.


Vinyl Cladding


c. Brick cladding

Brick cladding provides a good finish if it is performed perfectly. Its process of fixing is hard and costly for bricks of a particular finish to be built and fixed on the wall. It is found in the market in various colors, textures, and finishes.

Even sizes available in the market are various. It is effortlessly washable. Bricks have high fire resistance, so brick cladding can withstand fire. It works as a wrapping layer and prevents extreme heat and cold.


Brick cladding



d. Fibre Cement Cladding

It provides a good finish though, it is a cheap option for wall cladding.

Its durability is high as it withstands bacteria and rotting.

It does not diminish, warp, or crack in cruel climatic conditions after fixing.

It is weather-resistant and gives fire-resistant.

It doesn’t need almost any maintenance.

Its placing process is very easy.

It can be just installed into an aluminum frame.


Fibre Cement Cladding



e. Wooden Cladding

Wooden cladding can provide a good 3D finish as sheets of solid wood are fitted. The wood of cedar and redwood trees is utilized for this cladding.

It is a high-rated cladding option after stone. It is much stronger than vinyl and aluminum cladding.

However, its fixing and maintenance are very expensive.

Extra care must be done otherwise high chance of rotting and warping taking place on the wood.

Wooden Cladding’s beauty is eye-catching as looks more natural than the rest of the cladding.

It gives a natural look and is long-lasting if taken care of properly.

The length needed as per the condition can be available by just cutting the wood. Various patterns in wood are found and you can choose any color for the paint.

It is an environmentally friendly material as it is produced in nature.

Its thermal insulation capacity is good than that of steel and concrete.

Thus, it can help in energy conservation.


Wooden Cladding


f. Aluminum Cladding

It is found in various sizes, shapes, and finishes. It is the best choice for basement or storage walls. It can be even done to the walls of big commercial buildings. It is a lightweight material, and therefore its fitting is easy. It does not need much maintenance either.

It is an adaptable choice and can be effortlessly bent into any required shape, thus even an arch can be constructed with the use of aluminum cladding. It can be recycled and reused again and again. Thus, it is environmentally friendly.


Aluminum Cladding


g. Steel Cladding

Steel cladding is a sub-branch of metal cladding. 10% chromium is kept in steel to get corrosion resistance as steel is a very corrosive material in nature. As the chromium is opened to the atmosphere, it reacts with the oxygen present in the air and results in oxides of chromium that add a passive layer over the surface, and more corrosion is neglected.

Thus, it results in weatherproofing. Its moisture absorption capacity is low, thus protecting dampness in the house. It does not need big maintenance. However, dents are easily seen on this cladding. It produces a loud noise when rainwater strikes its surface.


Steel Cladding


h. Glass Cladding

It provides a nice shiny and smooth finish to the walls. It can be built on outer walls or inner walls. The panels of the glass fitted are fitted with extra care with exact measurements so that accurate fitting can be done. The reflective feature of glass makes the walls of your home outstanding.

The glass panels are attached to a lightweight aluminum frame. Glass is weather-resistant, it effortlessly withstands heat, wind, and rain.

It also can withstand abrasion and wears.

It transfers up to 80% of the light, which looks aesthetically the best choice.

It gives flexibility in utilization as it can be shaped into various shapes.

It does not contain corrosive properties like metal cladding. It needs very less maintenance. However, the blaze is the main issue that arrives utilizing glass cladding.

A lot of blazes are emitted because of glass cladding. It can even make a greenhouse effect as it reflects the light and does not permit it to move. The transparency properties of water can cause security risks.

The high pressures can easily break the glass into pieces. And if you are living in a country that is an earthquake-prone zone, then you should neglect the use of glass for glass cladding. Earthquake-resistant glass is very expensive to buy.


Types of Wall Cladding





  3. Advantages of Wall Cladding  

The advantages of wall cladding are as follows: 

a. It prevents dirt and pollution.

b. It provides sound insulation and heat insulation

c. The maintenance cost is low.

d. It can withstand weather agents.





  4. Disadvantages of Wall Cladding  

The disadvantages of wall cladding are as follows: 

a. The wall cladding system is costly.

b. It needs skilled manpower.

c. It consumes more time.

d. Maintenance and repair are needed.




  5. References  

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