Vastu Shastra for Home Kitchen Design: Tabular Representation, 5 Design & 5 Tips for Boosting Positive Energy

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This article has forwarded Vastu Shastra for Home Kitchen Design tips beautifully. It is for those who strongly follow up and believe in Vastu and desire to layout their kitchen in the format of Vastu.

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 # The direction of various items: 

1.Entry and exit doorNorth, east, or west
2.Rack for storageThe western or southern wall of the kitchen
3.Windows and ventilationEast direction
4.Sink and Drinking waterBoth North-east
5.Gas cylinderSouth-east or south
6.ClocksEast, West, and North
7.RefrigeratorSouth-east, southwest, south, north, or west
8.Electrical appliancesSouth-east or south
9.Cooking GasSouth-east


 # Colors for kitchen as per Vastu: 

S.N.Wall ColorsSymbolized
1.WhitePurity and Innocence
2.BrownGood health, Stability, and vitality
3.YellowJoy, Clarity, Good cheery, and positivity
4.Pastel shadesWarmth and love
5.RedCelebration and good fortune
6.Pale creamTranquillity and charm



 # Kitchen cabinets, floors, and slabs Colors: 

1.Lemon yellow, orange, or green cabinetsFreshness, harmony, good health, energy, and positivity
2.Ceramic tiles, mosaic, or marble flooringPositivity, mental clarity, focus
3.Quartz or granite slabsBalance the environment well



 1. Which direction is considered best for a kitchen? 

The southeast corner of the house is considered best, but if that’s not possible, the northwest direction can also be considered.



 2. As per Vastu, which Kitchen Direction needs to be avoided? 

Avoid north, northeast, and southwest directions for your kitchen placement.



 3. Which color is best for the Kitchen, According to Vastu? 




 4. Is it OK to cook facing west? 

All right to face the west.



 5. Which direction is best for the Kitchen? 




 6.  What are the tips on Vastu Shastra for Home Kitchen Design to boost positive energy in a kitchen? 

There are many Vastu tips to boost positive energy in a kitchen. Among them, Here are some best tips. They are:


Firstly, consider the direction of the Kitchen. As per Vastu, it is essential to balance the element of earth, sky, air, water, and fire. For that purpose, choosing the right direction is suggested.

The god of fire ( i.e., Agni ) prevails in the southeast direction of a house, but in some cases, the northwest direction also works the same.

Water and fire are two strongly opposing elements since placing them parallel to each other or on a similar platform is not good. It may create unintentional fights and misunderstandings between family members.

The green color on the wall is suitable for stimulating appetite and cultivating harmony. But if you don’t like the green color on the wall, choose yellow, orange, pink, and chocolate. Avoid the dark, i.e., Black and grey, which may cause a gloomy atmosphere.

Clean the Kitchen properly and install appropriate lighting inside the Kitchen.



 7. How to design the Kitchen well, according to Vastu? 

Some of the best format has been explained briefly below:


 1. Layout 

Vastu Shastra for Home Kitchen Design

The southeast direction of the Kitchen is believed to bring so much good luck to anybody.

The god of fire and other fire elements ruled in that direction, scattering the positive energy around the house.

Therefore set the Kitchen in that direction and enjoy your good luck. North-west is also considered as the average direction for the kitchen.



 2. Well placement of the refrigerator 

Vastu Shastra for Home Kitchen Design

The proper placement of the refrigerator is also one of the essential aspects of reducing negativity in the kitchen.

Therefore place the refrigerator in the southwest direction and avoid placement in a northeast direction.



 3. Windows and ventilation direction 

Vastu Shastra for Home Kitchen Design

According to Vastu, the correct position of windows and ventilation can scatter the positive atmosphere around and all over the kitchen.

Since choosing the appropriate direction for the better placement of windows and ventilation in the kitchen.



 4. Sink and stove and other Electric appliances 

Vastu Shastra for Home Kitchen Design

As per Vastu, the northeast direction is best for sinks and stoves, and the southeast is for other electric appliances. It is strictly prohibited to place it in the northeast direction of the kitchen.



 5. Colors orientations 

Vastu Shastra for Home Kitchen Design

East-facing Kitchen: Choose Orange, green, and beige colors and avoid the colors like silver, yellow, Gold, white, and grey.

West-facing Kitchen: Choose Gold, grey, silver, and white colors and avoid green, orange, and red.

North-facing Kitchen: According to Vastu, north is not the perfect direction for a kitchen. However, if you do choose grey, green, and blue colors and also avoid colors like red, green, yellow, and Orange.

South-facing Kitchen: Choose red, green, orange, beige, yellow, and silver colors and avoid blue, black, and grey.



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