Transom Windows: Suitability, Types, Designs, Cost, Advantages & Disadvantages

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Transom windows are historically used to permit the passage of air and light between rooms even when doors were closed. The average cost of a transom window in the market lies between $200 to $575 per window set.

A window may be defined as the vented barrier which is used to provide fresh air, sunlight, and also to see the outside view from the structure.

The windows also help to increase the aesthetic beauty of the structure. Mainly windows are made of wood, steel, aluminum, etc.

For the strongest window, we can use a polycarbonate window because they are unbreakable as compared to other windows.


Things to be considered while choosing windows:

a. Always choose a window that reflects your architectural style.

b. Decide where you need to keep your window before choosing a window.

c. At first decide how much ventilation is required for our room.

d. Always choose windows that increase the aesthetic beauty and freshness of your room.



  1. Suitability  

1. Suitable for rooms with less natural light.

2. Often suitable for above Garage doors.


  2. Types of Transom Windows  

There are majorly four types of transom windows available in the market that are as follows:

I . Arched Transom Window

II. Fixed Transom Window

III. Shed Type Transom WIndow

IV. Bathroom Transom Window


I . Arched Transom Window

These windows are available in an arch(semi-circular) shape. These types of windows are pleasingly appropriate for decorative use.

These windows are utilized on the gables and above the doors and windows. It is mainly chosen for slope roofs and pitched roofs.

Arched Transom Windows are either unmovable or movable, based on personal needs/conditions. They are less choice for modern and clean roof houses.


II. Fixed Transom Window

These types of transom windows are unmovable or stationary and cannot be opened or closed by a person. Fixed type transom windows are normally utilized in the living room, bedroom, backyard, etc.


III. Shed Type Transom WIndow

Shed-type transom windows are available in rectangular and extended shapes. These are attached at ceiling level. The transom window size can be changed depending upon personal needs/conditions.

These types of transom windows are largely utilized in temporary structures such as garages, storage rooms, cattle shelters, etc.


IV. Bathroom Transom Window

Bathroom transom windows are not suitable for small houses because of privacy problems, but these can be used in modern and luxury homes such as villas, and bungalows as they provide an aesthetic light appearance in the bathroom and it seems so garnishing for buildings.

These bathroom transom windows can be either attached or hinged based on personal interest.


  3. Designs of Transom Windows  


Transom Windows



Transom Windows



Transom Windows


Transom Windows


Transom Windows


  4. Cost  

The average cost of these types of windows in the market lies between $200 to $575 per window set. The cost can vary from one country to another.


  5. Advantages  

Here are the major advantages of these types of windows:

1. Environmental friendly

2. Natural sunlight

3. Privacy

4. Add aesthetic beauty.


  6. Disadvantages  

Here are the major disadvantages of these types of windows:

1. Heat gain

2. Frequently cleaning

3. No ventilation

4. Unique shape but cost more.


  7. FAQ  

1. How to cover transom windows?

You can cover transom windows by placing the drapery rod above the transom window.


2. How to block light from the transom window?

To ensure the window covers a breeze, keep motorized shades. They are the best option for fully obstructing light to make a restful atmosphere inside the room, mainly if you have kept these types of windows in your bedroom or nursery.



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