The Impact of Color in Home Furniture Selection And Décor

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✓ Are you planning to tinker with your interior design soon? Know that one of the trickiest parts of the process is finding the décor and furniture that match your space’s atmosphere. But fret not; with the market expanding at an annual growth rate of 4.77%, it presents you with new options every single day. 

✓ Yes, going to the nearest store, you’ll find different décor and furniture designs and sizes. But how will you pinpoint what perfectly suits your home? One of the main factors you must look into is color.  

✓ Picture your preferred vibe, then choose colors that meet your needs. It can be a really challenging decision; this article can come in handy before your next purchase.



The psychology of color 

✓ Have you ever thought about why certain spaces evoke a sense of tranquility while others make you excited? The color scheme could be the reason for this. According to research, this element influences your behavior temporarily as soon as you enter a room. 

✓ For example, shades of blue and green are often associated with a sense of calmness and can enhance productivity and concentration. On the other hand, red and other bright colors symbolize passion, fun, and excitement.



How colors affect decor and furniture choice 

✓ Apart from emotions and moods, colors also affect your décor and furniture selections. Why is that so? Everything you add to your room hinges on what you paint your walls and ceiling. Say, if your walls are bold-colored, the shades of your furnishings must coincide with them to create a cohesive atmosphere.  

The Impact of Color in Home Furniture Selection And Décor

✓ Not sure which color choice will balance out what you already have in your space? Check out the following examples to get you started:


a. Beige walls  

✓ Beige walls create a warm atmosphere, but that depends on the shades of this color. Some appear too yellow, while others come out too gray under bright or dim lights. Therefore, go with décor and furniture that match your walls regardless of the lighting conditions.   

✓ To complement these walls, pair them with bright blue or green throw pillows or other colorful accents like patterned curtains and rugs. As a result, your space will appeal to the eyes and still remain functional. You can also go with furnishings in warm wood tones like oak and maple. 

✓ You can visit specialized sellers like Dutch Haus Furniture in Sarasota, FL, to enjoy a variety of options. Especially if your home has a unique color scheme, they can build custom finishes that will match the décor. 


b. Gray walls 

✓ If you want a modern home, then gray walls give you ample room to build that appearance. Black or white furniture and metallic accents fit perfectly into this space. For a more traditional look, use soft, neutral fabrics and warm wood tones.  

✓ Decorating gray walls is easy because they serve as neutral backdrops for other colors and patterns. For instance, you can install colorful artwork or bring patterned throw pillows and still achieve that visual interest.  

✓ While at it, consider the undertones of gray—blue, green, and brown. Match them with complementary colors when choosing your furniture and décor.  


c. Blue walls 

✓ Every shade of blue has a unique character and evokes a different mood. Lighter ones like baby blue or sky blue create a soothing atmosphere, while their darker counterparts can make spaces feel cozier and more intimate. 

✓ You can match blue walls with orange, yellow, or green throw pillows and rugs. Want a more cohesive-looking room? Opt for blue accents like table lamps, vases, and artworks. To add some flair, incorporate metallic accents to your furniture legs to complement the walls. 


d. Sage green walls 

✓ Sage green paves the way for a truly serene atmosphere, and it goes well with natural materials.

✓ Just like the colors mentioned above, warm wood tones complement sage green walls. You can also incorporate accents in natural materials like jute or linen to add some texture to the space. Stone products that match your existing set are an awesome choice, too!

✓ You can never go wrong with neutral colors when it comes to furniture. With white, beige, or green chairs and tables, for instance, you can create a clean and visually satisfying room.


e. Blush pink walls

✓ Blush pink walls lay the foundations of a sophisticated and elegant space, all while keeping it light and airy. You can match them with white or cream-colored furniture and accents in metallic finishes, such as gold or rose gold. 

✓ Furthermore, if you want to create a traditional look, walnut, cherry, or any other warm wood tones can do the trick. Looking to add some visual interest and dynamism to the space? Incorporate patterned fabrics or artwork in navy blue or emerald.



Color trends in furniture and décor

✓ The home décor industry abounds with exciting trends these days. By keeping up with these changes and innovations, comfort and functionality can easily become mainstays in your home.

✓  Here are the most trending color choices this year:

  • Earthy tones like brown, beige, and terracotta are quite popular in most interior design projects. Why not? They contribute to the much-needed warm and cozy atmosphere.
  • Many people are also going for bold colors like navy blue, deep red, and emerald green to add some drama to their spaces.
  • Pastel colors are also making a comeback, with soft shades of blue, green, and pink leading the line. To incorporate them in your own home, use chairs, bedding, or decorative items that come in these colors. 
  • If consumer behavior is anything to go by, vintage and retro pieces will soon fill the market. It means it’s the right time for you to embrace old-school designs!

✓ Metallic finishes are another home décor trend worth mentioning. Try it on your lighting fixtures, furniture legs, and any decorative accessories.




✓ Purchasing new home décor isn’t a walk-in-the-park type of thing. You ought to choose items that match your walls while still making your space totally utilitarian. Remember, marrying up the wrong colors can clash and reduce cohesiveness, creating a space that’s nothing short of chaotic. It’s the last thing you want to happen.

✓ If it isn’t that clear yet by now, the psychology of color has a hand in creating the right and inviting atmosphere. Pick colors that align with the moods and emotions you want to evoke. Gray, navy blue, beige, and sage green are some of the most popular wall colors you may come across. Examine their undertones and how they work when put side-by-side with other shades; only then can you select furniture and décor that harmonize with them.


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