Crazy & Inviting: Creating a Warm Atmosphere with Home Decor

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✓ If you are a student and you’re struggling to know what to do to your new apartment to make it a more inviting space, you have come to the right place.

✓ A happy home feels warm and cozy, one that is inviting not only to you but the guests you choose to invite over. From friends, family, and first-time visitors, you want to create a space that is comfortable right from the word go.

If this is the kind of feeling you want to create from your home then let us share all our wealth of knowledge.

✓ For a home to be inviting, it should reflect your personality and communicate with your guests that this is a place they can completely be themselves.

There are lots of little touches you can make that will go a long way, sprinkled with the delightful hospitality you’re sure to show.



  What is an inviting home?  

✓ No matter the type of place that you have, it can be made inviting; from luxury apartments in NYC and brownstones in Boston to Temple student housing in Philadelphia, a few little touches can go a long way. So what is it that makes a home truly inviting? 

✓ As you start to curate the ambiance of your home, try to think about the feeling you get from the first moment you step inside. Your home should have an inviting atmosphere for both your guests and yourself. This starts at the front door.

✓ As you step into your home, move through all the spaces you have within it, and think about how each room flows and connects. Ask yourself if you truly do feel like this space is a place you want to stay and relax.



  Minimize clutter  

✓ Nothing creates a more stressful, overwhelming feeling than having too much clutter around your home. This is especially true when you’re trying to sleep; you want to create the most relaxing environment possible.

✓ You may have lots of trinkets and ornaments collected over the years, but that doesn’t mean they have to be on display all the time. Have these little knick-knacks on rotation, create a seasonal change, and have a purpose for the ornaments you have out.

✓ Try to group similar design elements, and some of the items don’t fit. Put them away for another time in the year. You may even be able to get rid of those items for good if you find that they do not fit your style or the style of your home any longer.

✓ If you’re entertaining, de-clutter before the guests arrive. Create a space that looks lived-in but not overwhelming. By lowering the level of clutter, you will give your eyes a break and automatically make the space more enjoyable to be in.



  Reflect your personality   

✓ Always try to express your true personality: your apartment can seem like an extension of you. Don’t be afraid to blend contemporary with vintage styles to reflect the true sense of everything you are.

Plants can add freshness to every room and liven up your living space. A big green leafy plant to greet you each time you come home is always great. Not only do houseplants look stunning, they also have lots of health benefits.

✓ If you’re having trouble with what you want to decorate, try starting small. Use decorations to reflect what inspires you, what relaxes you, what keeps you calm, and what helps you feel inspired. If you feel you’re most refreshed at the beach, why not bring elements of the sea to your home to renew those feelings and tones?



  Use warm textures  

✓ The use of blankets, throws, and pillows as comfortable accents to bring some added comfort and style to sofas and chairs is great. People should settle in as soon as they take their shoes off and enter your space, and these additions can help massively in doing so.

Crazy & Inviting: Creating a Warm Atmosphere with Home Decor

✓ For yourself, after a long day, you can also wrap up and snuggle underneath a cozy blanket.

✓ A handy tip for when people are visiting you is to place a pillow on the floor against a chair showing that it is okay to move and remove pillows. Your house isn’t a show home. It should be as comfortable as can be.

✓ Try to mix and match patterns alongside neutrals that complete the balance. Another good idea is to highlight a few key aspects of your color scheme and then have bursts of vibrancy.

If you have hardwood flooring, rugs are a great way to soften the feeling of a room, along with adding extra texture to define specific areas that people can gather in. Rugs can also look great on carpeted flooring to bring a change of texture to the room.

✓ For an added quirk, place a woven basket in the corner filled with extra throws that people can use when needed. Don’t be worried about moving furniture when you’re hosting guests; shift chairs and sofas around to open up your seating area.

Create one space or several spots where all your friends can gather around and move in or out with ease.



  Mood lighting  

✓ Lighting candles throughout your home creates a sense of invitation. No matter if you’re sitting at home alone or you’re entertaining friends, having a candle light up your rooms adds something a little different.

✓ Candles make a room cozy, relaxing, and a happy place to be. If you’re going to have guests over, why not try lighting candles in every room to create an ambient feeling and warm lighting that isn’t as intense as the main light in each room? 

✓ Another great thing about choosing candles to light your home is the smell. There are many fragrance candles available, all with different undertones to scents. You can match the atmosphere of the aesthetics of your room with a contemporary design and scent. 




✓ As you can see, there are so many ways to make your home warm and inviting, whether you own or rent your place. From minimizing clutter to adding painting textures, we hope this has helped give you some ideas to warm up your own space. Happy decorating!

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