Rate Analysis: Purpose, Importance, Procedure, Rate Analysis of Earthwork, Concrete & Plaster Work

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In this article, we will discuss rate analysis of Earthwork, Plaster and Concrete.


  1. What is Rate Analysis?  

In order to choose the rate of a particular item is examined carefully and then finally, a rate is determined for that item. This process of selecting the rate of an item is termed the analysis of rate or rate analysis.



  2. Purpose of Rate Analysis  

The following are the two-man goals of calculating out the rate analysis of an item:

1. To determine the actual cost per unit of items.

2. To examine the item for economic processes and economic uses of materials involved in making the item.



  3. Importance of Rate Analysis  

The process of rate analysis gives a straightforward sight of different factors, tools & machinery, and services concerned in the manufacturing of finished items.

For example- In the case of brickwork, the raw material is brick which is purchased at a certain rate, then employing mortar (cement: sand) bricks are laid. In laying bricks materials such as cement, sand, water, etc. Is required and all activities are accomplished by Mason and bhisti as required. Now final examination of the rate of brickwork is chosen regarding all these factors.


Rate Analysis



  4. Procedure  

The procedure of analyzing the rate per unit of an item has been expressed as follows:

This consists of the following heads:

a. Quantity of materials needed per unit rate of work and its cost delivered at the work zone containing first cost, freight, transportation, sales tax, and insurance charges as a question. In the point when materials like cement, steel, stone chips, and bitumen are provided departmentally, then gain on the cost of materials is not permitted, but the cost of carriages from godown to the work site shall be counted.

b. Several labor or labor hours needed to achieve per unit rate of work and its cost.

c. Overhead or equipment and establishment charges needed to achieve per unit rate of work.

d. Gain while arriving at workable rates, the factors that are to be regarded have already been conveyed.

e. In this rate analysis, all civil materials consider, and all items for various rate analysis sum major rate analyses as per below.

1. Rate Analysis of Earth Work.

2. Rate Analysis of Brick.

3. Rate Analysis of Concrete.

4. Rate Analysis of Plaster.



  5. Rate Analysis of EarthWork  

As per the below rate analysis of earthwork

Earthwork in an excavation in all types of soil containing banking in 20 cm layers and breaking clods, ramming, and dressing up to construct embankments or fill up ground depressions, lead up to 50 m and lift up to 1.50 m.

As per CPWD minimum labor need of 1 cu.m. excavation man labor is 0.21 per day and female labor is 0.14 per day.

Needed other charges 2 %, Add for Water Charge @ 1% on Items Marked, Add for Contractor’s Profit @15% on Items Marked.


Sr No.DescriptionQtyUnitRateCost
Details of cost for 28.34 Cu.m.
ALabour Charges
1Man Labour6.00Day400.002400.00
2Female Labour4.00Day350.001400.00
BOther Charges 2 % Extra76.00
CAdd for Water Charge @ 1% on Items Marked38.00
DAdd for Contractor’s Profit @15% on Items Marked570.00
Cost of 28.34 Cu.m.4484.00
Cost of Cu.m.158.22
Round off Cu.m.158.00





  6. Rate Analysis of Concrete  

As per the below rate analysis of concrete

Needed other charges 2 %, Add for Water Charge @ 1% on Items Marked, Add for Contractor’s Profit @15% on Items Marked, Transportation Cost 1%,  Wastage Extra Total Cost of 5%.


Sr No.DescriptionQtyUnitRateCost
Providing and laying in foundations and plinth cement concrete 1: 5: 10 (1 cement: 5 coarse sand: 10 graded stone aggregate 40 mm & 20 mm nominal size) except the cost of centering and shuttering.
Details of cost for 10.00 Cu.m.
ALabour Charges
CWastage Extra Total Cost of 5%5%961.75
DTransportation Cost 1%1%122.90
EOther Charges 2 % Extra2%245.80
FAdd for Water Charge @ 1% on Items Marked1%122.90
GAdd for Contractor’s Profit @15% on Items Marked15%1843.50
Cost of 10.00 Cu.m.22531.85
Cost of Cu.m.2253.19
Round off Cu.m.2253.00





  7. Rate Analysis of Plaster  

As per the below rate analysis of plaster.

Sr No.DescriptionQtyUnitRateCost
Providing and laying in 12 mm thick plasterwork  1: 4 (1 cement: 4 coarse sand: 1) except the cost of with material.
Details of cost for 100.00 sq.m.
ALabour Charges
CWastage of Material 2%2%71.62
DScaffolding 1% Extra1%35.81
ETransportation Cost 1%1%35.81
FOther Charges 2 % Extra2%71.62
GAdd for Water Charge @ 1% on Items Marked1%35.81
HAdd for Contractor’s Profit @15% on Items Marked15%537.12
Cost of 100.00 Sq.m.15738.58
Cost of Sq.m.157.39
Round off Sq.m.157.00





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