List of 25 Tallest Buildings in the World in 2023

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In this article, we will discuss the tallest Building in the world.


  1. Introduction  

There are many tallest people in this beautiful world. Today, we will see different tallest buildings situated in other countries.

Currently, Burj Khalifa is the tallest Building in the world, having a height of 828 meters above the ground, almost double Petronas Tower.

But this world’s tallest building record will be broken soon by the Jeddah Tower, Saudi Arabia tower.


  2. List of Tallest Buildings in the World  

Here is the list of the 25 tallest buildings in the world.

25. Zifeng Tower

24. Suzhou IFS

23. Petronas Twin Tower 2

22. Petronas Tower 1

21. Changsha IFS Tower

20. Vincom Landmark

19. Lakhta Center

18. Central Park Tower

17. Shanghai World Finance Center

16. International Commerce Center

15. TAIPEI 101

14. CITIC Tower

13. Tianjin CTF Finance Center

12. Guangzhou CTF Finance Center

11. One World Trade Center

10. Lotte World Tower

9. Global Financial Center Tower 1

8. Goldin Finance 117

7. Ping An Finance Center

6. Makkah Royal Clock Tower

5. Merdeka PNB118

4. Shanghai Tower

3. Wuhan Greenland Tower

2. Burj Khalifa

1. Jeddah Tower


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  25. Zifeng Tower  

Project NameZifeng Tower
City & CountryNanjing, China
Height450 meters (1,480 feet)
Construction StartedFebruary 27, 2005
CompletedJanuary 30, 2010 – April 8, 2010
Construction Cost5 billion RMB
Skyscraper TypeMixed-type
Floor Count94
Floor Area1,480,350 sq ft (137,529 m2)
Architect(s)Adrian Smith at SOM
Structural EngineerSkidmore, Owings and Merrill
Main ContractorShanghai Construction Group
Consists ofHotel, Office, Apartment, Public Utility Area, Restaurant


  24. Suzhou IFS  

suzhou IFS  

Project NameSuzhou IFS Tower
Country & CityChina, Suzhou
Height450 meters (1,476.4 feet)
Floor Area393,200 square meters (4,232,400 sq ft)
Construction StartedDecember 30, 2012
Top Floor399.1 meters (1,309.4 feet)
Architectural StylePostmodern Architecture
Architecture FirmsKohn Pedersen Fox, Wong Tung & Partners
DeveloperSuzhou Gao Long Property Development Co., Ltd.


  23. Petronas Twin Tower 2  

Petronas Twin Tower 2  

Project NamePetronas Twin Tower 2
City & CountryKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Height452 meters (1,483 feet)
Completed Year1998
Architecture FirmCésar Pelli and Associates
ArchitectCésar Pelli
Architectural StylesArt Deco, Islamic Architecture


  22. Petronas Twin Tower 1  

KLCC Property Holdings Berhad built Petronas Twin Tower. Petronas Twin Tower 1 is a building-type structure. It is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Twin tower construction began in 1992 and was finished in 1998. The design is based on Islamic type geometry, and 41 and 42 floors are attached to the Sky Bridge.


Petronas Twin Tower 1


Project Name: Petronas Twin Tower 1

Country & City: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Height: 491m

Floors: 88

Completion year: 1998


  21. Changsha IFS Tower  

Changsha IFS Tower was constructed in 2013 and completed in 2017. This Tower has 95 floors, and the floor area is 300000 m2.


changsha IFS Tower  


Project name: Changsha IFS Tower

Country & City: China

Height: 452

Floor: 95

Completion year: 2018


  20. Vincom Landmark  

Vincom Landmark is also named Landmark 81. This Tower is the tallest in Vietnam. This Tower contains 81 floors on it. Construction started in 2015 and was completed. Vincom landmark is also the most soaring Tower in Southeast Asia. This is a mixed type of skyscraper.


Vincom Land Mark


Project Name: Vincom Landmark

Country & City: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Height: 470 m

Floor: 81

Completed Year: 2018


  19. Lakhta Center  

Lakhta Center was built in 2012 and completed in 2019. This Tower consists of 87 floors above the ground level and three feet below the ground level. The whole construction cost is around US 1.77 billion, and the owner of Lakhta was Gazprom. This Tower is located in Lakhta, Russia.


Lakhta Center  


Project Name: Lakhta Center

Country & City: Russia

Height: 462m

Floor: 87

Completed year: 2019


  18. Central Park Tower  

Generally, Central Park Tower is also known as Nordstrom Tower. Central Park Tower is located in New York City, United States. It is the second tallest Tower in the USA. This Tower was constructed by the Extell company Shanghai Municipal Investment Group. The building consists of 98 floors above and three feet below the ground.


Central Park Tower


Project Name: Central Park Tower

City & Tower: New York, USA

Height: 472

Floors: 98

Completed year: 2019


 17. Shanghai World Finance Center 

It is the tallest skyscraper in Shanghai. The Shanghai Center comprises mixed-used skyscrapers with offices, malls, hotels, etc. The Mori Building established the Shanghai center and was constructed by Kohn Pederson Fox. This Tower has a trapezoid peak.


Shanghai World Finance Center 


Project Name: Shanghai World Finance Center

Country & City: Shanghai, China

Height: 492m


Completed year: 2008


 16. International Commerce Center  

This Tower is located in Hong Kong. It is the second tallest Building in Hong Kong. This Building consists of 108 floors above the ground and four below the ground. In this Tower, towers 4, 14, 24, and 34 are neglected, marked as a 118-story Building.


International Commerce Center 


Project Name: International Commerce Center

Country & City: Hongkong

Height: 484m

Floor: 108

Completion year: 2010


  15. TAIPEI 101  

TAIPEI 101 is also named Taipei World Finance Center. This Building is certified by LEED as the tallest green Building in the world. The elevator of this Building is so fast that it takes 37 seconds to transport people from the 5th floor to the 89th floor.




Project Name: TAIPEI 101

Country & City: Taipei

Height: 508m

Floor: 101

Completed year: 2004


  14. CITIC Tower  

CITIC Tower consists of mass transportation and connects the pedestrian, subway line, and roadway. This Tower is used for multipurpose business activities.




Project Name: CITIC Tower

Country & City: Beijing

Height: 527

Floor: 109

Completed year:  2018


  13. Tianjin CTF Finance Center  

The shape of this Building is trapezoidal from top to bottom, and the base is square. The Building appears in different colors during the daytime, but its tops look like a diamond at night.


Tianjin CTF Finance Center 


Project Name: Tianjin CTF Finance Center

City & Country: Tianjin

Height: 530m

Floors: 97

Completed year: 2019


  12. Guangzhou CTF Finance Center  

This Building is also called EastTower. This is the third tallest Building in China. There are 111 floors above the ground level and five below the ground level. This Tower has a shopping mall, office, hotel, etc.


Guangzhou CTF Finance Center


Project Name: Guangzhou CTF Finance Center

City & Country: Guangzhou

Height: 530m

Floors: 111

Completed year: 2016


  11. One World Trade Center  

The original World Trade Center was opened in April 1973. in this center, the Big Seven complexes were built, and it was damaged in September 2001; 11 attacks occurred on the tallest World Trade Center. The reconstruction of the Building is needed.


One World Trade Center


Project Name: One World Trade Center

Country & City: New York, USA

Height: 541m

Floors: 94

Completed year: 2011


  10. Lotte World Tower  

The built-up ground area is about 505,300 m2. This Tower has the longest and fastest elevator, carrying 54 people from the basement to the 121st floor in less than a minute.

It has a double-deck elevator that is 496m high and powered by a 100-traction machine. The Tower also has the world’s most elevated glass-bottomed observation deck on the 121st floor.


Lotte World Tower  


Project Name: Lotte World Tower

Country & City: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 554 m

Floors: 123

Completed Year: 2017


  9. Global Financial Tower 1  

The Global Financial Center Tower’s main aim is to become the financial center for Shenyang in China. The Tower includes significant activities like businesses, offices, conference hall, meeting area, Trading area offices, and Executive hub.


Global Financial Tower 1


Project Name: Global Financial Tower 1

Complex Name: Baoneng Shenyang Global Financial Centre

City & Country: Shenyang, China

Height: 568m.

Floors: 114

Completion Year: 2018


  8. Goldin Finance 117  

The Tower contains the office area from the 7th floor to the 92nd floor with a gross floor area of 280,000m2. P&T Group designed the Goldin Finance tower and aims for LEED Platinum certification.

The 5-star rating hotels are to be situated on the top floors, providing panoramic views of the city and beyond. The Floors have a gross floor area of exactly 80,669m² and will capture bases from level 94 to the top.


Goldin Finance 117


Project Name:  Goldin Finance 117

Country & City: Tianjin, China

Heights: 599m

Floors: 115

Completed Year: 2017


  7. Ping An Finance Center  

This Tower includes the five floors of retail shops terrace away from the building, forming a sizeable amphitheater-like shape.

The Ping, An Finance Center, has been conceived to adjust 100 office floors above the retail and conference podium; the Tower will accommodate 15,500 workers and 9,000 daily passengers to an observation deck.


Ping An Finance Center  


Project Name: Ping An Finance Center
Country & City: Shenzhen, China
Height: 599 m
Floor: 128
Completed Year: 2018

  6. Makkah Royal Clock Tower  

Makkah Royal Clock Tower is also known as Abraj  Al-Bait Tower. The tower construction was started in 2004 and was completed in 2012.

The Tower consists of residential house towers for permanent residents, a five-star hotel run by Fairmont Hotels and Resorts for adapting the Hajj pilgrims, and the Abraj Al Bait shopping mall. There is an arrangement of parking for more than 1,000 vehicles.

For a tower resident, a unique medium is given to achieve formal prayers five times daily. The Tower was created to handle significant visitor flow by Kone for the building complex, allowing up to 75,000 residents from all seven towers to exit the Building via podiums during each prayer time in an organized manner.


Makkah Royal Clock Tower


Project Name: Makkah Royal Clock Tower

Country & City: Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Height: 601 m

Floor: 120

Completed Year: 2012


  5. Merdeka PNB 118 

The Merdeka PNB 118 contains 118 floors: 83 floors will be premium office space, 17 will be for the five-star Park Hyatt hotel, and four will be for Southeast Asia’s highest observation deck. In contrast, the remaining floors will be utilized for mechanical and electrical systems and other operations.


tallest buildings in the world


Project Name: Merdeka PNB118

Country & City: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Height: 630 m

Floor: 118

Completed Year: 2020


  4. Shanghai Tower  

In this Building, around 200 turbines are spinning at the top, generating 10% of the Building’s electricity. It is famous for being the world’s tallest turbine.

The Tower is bounded by two layers of glass for natural cooling and ventilation, and in total, developers say a third of the site is “green space,” containing 24 sky gardens posing between the two skins.


Shanghai Tower 


Project Name: Shanghai Tower

Country & City: Shanghai, China

Height: 632 m

Floor: 128

Completed year: 2015


  3. Wuhan Greenland Center  

The Wuhan Greenland Center was constructed on June 28, 2012. This 120-story mixed-use building holds 300,000 square meters of floor area, capturing 200,000 square meters of offices. The Tower also captures 50,000 square meters of residential space and a 45,000 square meter Ritz Carlton hotel.


Wuhan Greenland Center


Project Name: Wuhan Greenland Center

Country & City: Wuhan, China

Height: 636 m

Floor: 125

Completed Year: 2022


  2. Burj Khalifa Tower  

Burj Khalifa is the tallest artificial structure ever built, whose height is 2716.54 feet, and is located in Dubai (UAE). It consists of 163 stories.

The total construction cost of Burj Khalifa was $1.5 billion.

After the construction of Jeddah Tower, many records of Burj Khalifa will be broken.


Burj Khalifa


Project Name: Burj Khalifa Tower

Country & City: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Height: 828 m

Floor: 163

Completion Year: 2010


  1. Jeddah Tower  

Jeddah Tower will be the first-ever artificial structure whose height will be 3,280 feet after completion.

It will consist of 168 floors (2 basements).

Its preliminary construction cost is SR 4.45 billion (US$1.23 billion).

It has been under construction, and the building was started on April 1, 2013.

The time for complete construction was estimated to be 63 months ( 5 years & 3 months). However, its structure is delayed due to labor-related issues and the COVID-19 pandemic.


Jeddah Tower


Project Name: Jeddah Tower

Country & City: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Height: 1000 m

Floor: 168

Completed Year: Progressing


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