Standard Kitchen Counter Height : Correct Height & Materials Put On Kitchen Counter

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The height from the floor surface to the counter surface are known as Standard kitchen counter height.

The standard kitchen counter height is 3 feet or 36 inches. This standard height is appropriate for an average person and it also makes them more comfortable.





  1. Standard Kitchen Counter Height  

The width of the kitchen counter is generally kept 2 feet long, about 3 feet high. The kitchen counter can be kept on two or three sides of the kitchen, whereas in the center there is an extra counter in an island Kitchen.

They are generally constructed of materials such as laminate, granite, or quartz and come in different shapes and sizes to suit the sizes of a typical kitchen.

Kitchen counters can be combined with cabinets and sinks for a seamless look, and usually have built-in components such as cutting boards, knife holders, and electrical outlets for tiny devices.





  2. How to Choose the Correct Kitchen Counter Height?  

To select the proper Kitchen counter height there are numerous factors affecting it. These factors are mentioned below;

a. Height of the family members.

b. How many people are available in the house.

c. The appearance of the guests.

d. Furniture and other stools or materials in the kitchen.

e. Design of the kitchen.

f. The standard height is 36 inches or 3 feet.

g. One can easily determine the counter height by standing up and bending the arms.

h. The minimum distance between the elbow and the counter should be 12 to 15 centimeters.

i. If the counter surface is 3 inches below the elbow, it is suitable for the cook.

j. The counter surface can be made 5 inches below the elbow for avoiding the splashing of hot oils.


How to Choose the Correct Kitchen Counter Height





  3. What Can Be Put on the Kitchen Counter?  

The things that you can keep on the kitchen counter are as follows:

a. Coffee Station

You can place the mini coffee station on the kitchen countertop with your favorite cups and sweeteners near the coffeemaker.


b. Spices and Oils

Placing oil bottles and spices on your counter now only look good, but will also encourage you to try something new in the kitchen.


c. Display Cutting Boards and Trays

Cutting boards, platters, and trays look attractive when propped against a sleek backsplash. Put them together in a basket created of steel wire.


d. Make Easy Accessible Changing Point

Create easily available change points in the counter corners which are typically remended unused.


e. Repurposed Boxes

As we all know the kitchen is a burning spot to work, who can flip an old file box or crate on its sidewall for additional room to display your requirements? It is also a significant area for placing your favorite cooking guidebooks.


f. Kitchen Staples

Maintain containers on the counter for go-to-use items like pasta, flour, and beans.


g. Art Display

You can place any art to show around the kitchen countertop to make feel extra after watching it.


h. Fresh Fruits

For decoration or healthy snacking, fresh fruit always looks beautiful.


i. Silverware Caddy

Silverware caddy can be utilized for three square meals in a day and should be positioned near the dishwasher.


j. Oversize Bowl

An oversized bowl with pleasing peeking and the thickest size will be appropriate on the countertop.


k. Blender

Blender is also a convenient tool and is mainly needed also for blending juices, soups, etc.


l. Toaster

Toaster plays an essential role in the kitchen for toast lovers. It can be also set on the kitchen counter.


What Can Be Put on the Kitchen Counter





  4. Different Types of Kitchen Layouts  

The different types of kitchen layouts are as follows:

1. L-Shape Kitchen Layout

2. U-Shape Kitchen Layout

3. G-Shape Kitchen Layout

4. Wall Kitchen Layout

5. Galley Kitchen Layout

6. Kitchen Island


This was for the Standard Kitchen Counter Height.




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