Standard Door Height : Country to Country

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In this article, we will discuss standard door height.

The door may be defined as a framework of wood, steel, aluminum, glass, or a combination of these materials secured in an opening left in a wall for the aim of giving access to the uses of the structures. The door height used in the building should be between 80″ to 96″.


  1. Standard Door Height  

The door height varies from country to country and the height of people living in a building. The minimum height of the standard door height should be 80 inches.

Doors are mainly placed at the entrance way of the home, Bed Room, Drawing Room, Toilet, Garage, etc. The doors are prepared as per the requirement of the owner. There is the standard door size for some fixed parts in the home such as the main door, bathroom, garage, etc.

The main use of the door is to provide entrance inside or outside of any room and many doors are fixed with hinges, slide in grooves, or revolve on an axis.


  2. Standard Size of Door Frame 

The standard door size is 6′ 8″ which does not contain the size of the door frame. The door frame size is wider than the door opening. The door frame post contains a width of around 2 to 4 inches.


The total width of the door frame = Width of door frame + width of door + width of the door frame

= 2″ + 36″ + 2″

Width of door frame = 40″


height of door frame = height of door + width of the door frame

= 6′ 8″ + 2″

Height of door frame = 6′ 10″

Therefore, the size of the door frame is 82″x 40″


  3. Types of Building  

Types of buildingsStandard Door Height
1. The door of the Residential Building

(a) External Door

(b) Internal Door

(c) Door for Bath or W.C.


2000 mm 

2000 mm 

2000 mm

2. Doors of Public Buildings such as School Hospital libraries etc.2250 mm or 2000mm or 2100 mm
3. Doors of Garage2250 mm



  4. Standard Door Sizes for Different Country  

S.NoCountry Door Height
1.United Kingdom1981mm (or 78”)
3.India 2045 mm
4.Philippines2100 mm
5.Bangladesh 2045 mm
6.Australia2040 mm
7.Canada6 ft 8 in
8.Indonesia2100 mm
10.Pakistan6 ft 6 inch
11.Switzerland2030 mm
12.Sweden2040 mm



Standard Door Height


  5. Consideration  

Things to be considered while choosing doors:

a. Always choose a door that reflects your architectural style.

b. Decide where you need to keep your door before choosing door types.

c. At first decide how much light, movement area, and ventilation is required for your room.

d. Always choose doors that increase the aesthetic beauty and freshness of your room.



  5. Standard Door Sizes for Living Room  




  6. Standard Door Sizes for Bedroom  

InchFeet MM



  7. Standard Door Sizes for Bathroom  

InchFeet MM



  8. Standard Door Sizes for Hall  

InchFeet MM



  9. Standard Door Sizes for Kitchen  

InchFeet MM



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