Convert Square Feet to Gaj : Conversion Calculator

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Square Feet to Gaj  

Gaj is a measurement unit generally employed in northern parts of India to measure area.

1 Gaj is equivalent to 9 square feet.

Gaj, also called Guz, was first brought by the Mughal Empire in India. Gaj is also known as Square Gaj.

It is a unit of area previously employed in the Asian continent in countries like Bangladesh and Nepal.

Indian states like Delhi, Haryana, and Punjab use Gaj for land measurements. During the Mughal and British rule in India, Gaj was also employed to calculate textiles.

 For example
, if you want to convert 100 sq ft to gaj, you must divide 100 by 9.


Square Feet (Sqft)Gaj
1 Sq ft0.112
2 Sq ft0.224
3 Sq ft0.337
4 Sq ft0.449
5 Sq ft0.561
6 Sq ft0.673
7 Sq ft0.785
8 Sq ft0.898
9 Sq ft1.001
10 Sq ft1.122


Gaj to Square Feet & Other Units

 1 Gaj 9 square feet
 1 Gaj 3 foot
 1 Gaj 36 inches
 1 Gaj 0.91444 meter
 1 Gaj 0.0003333305593 Bigha
 1 Gaj 0.000204682 acre



Differences Between Gaj and Square Feet

DescriptionSquare FeetGaj
MeaningGlobal land measurement unitUsed for yards in the Indian subcontinent
Symbol (Abbreviation)Sq. ft, ft²Guz
Relationship1 sq. ft = 0.1122 gaj1 gaj = 9 sq. ft
Conversion FormulaGaj = Sq Ft * 0.1111Sq. Ft = Gaj * 9
Example Conversion (200)200 sq. ft = 22.44 gaj200 gaj = 1782.8 sq. ft
Common UseArchitecture, real estateLand measurement in the Indian subcontinent



What is a Square Foot?

Square foot is a non-metric unit of measurement used globally for land and area, commonly in real estate.

It is the area of a square with sides of 1 foot each, represented as ft2 or sq. ft.

Widely used in countries like the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Bangladesh, etc.

Commonly used in real estate and architecture, especially in India, where property areas are often measured square feet.

1 square foot equals 144 square inches, 0.11 square yards, and 0.0929 square meters.



What is the Current Use of Square Feet?

Square feet are extensively used worldwide, including in India, for measuring residential and commercial spaces.



What is a Gaj?

Gaj is an area measurement unit used in several parts of India, equivalent to 9 square feet.

Also known as gaz or guz, with the symbol guz.

One Gaj is three feet long, making it 9 square feet.

Commonly used in land measurement, especially in Tamil Nadu.



What is the Current Use of Gaj?

Gaj is widely used in various Indian states, particularly Tamil Nadu, for measuring land areas.




How to calculate square feet to Gaj?

To convert an area measurement in square feet to square meters, you’ll need to multiply the figure in square feet by 0.1111.


✓ What is the formula for converting square feet to Gaj?

“The formula for calculating Gaj is: Gaj = Sq Ft * 0.1111.”


✓ How many Gaj in 1 Square Foot?

One square foot is equivalent to 0.1111 Gaj.


✓ How many Square Feet in 1 Gaj?

One Gaj is equal to 9 square feet.


✓ What are Square Feet and Gaj used ?

Both units are used for measuring land area.

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