Solution of Concrete Dusting: Causes & Preventive Measures of Concrete Dusting

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In this article, we will discuss the solution for concrete dusting.

Dusting, also known as chalking, is the appearance of fine, loose powdery material on the surface of hardened concrete that can be cleaned away smoothly. Though dusting is marked as the inner as well as outer of a building structure, it is more difficult when it evolves indoors.

Dusting happens due to a thin, weak layer of a concrete surface, termed laitance, which is formed of water, cement, and fine particles. So, any aspect that decreases concrete strength, particularly the top layer, raises the risk of dusting.

For example, running finishing works while concrete still bleeds, setting concrete on non-absorptive surfaces, insufficient curing, etc.

Concrete surface dusting can be controlled by making strong, wear-resistant concrete surfaces. This can be accomplished through proper curing, bypassing premature finishing, using a low water-cement ratio, and bypassing the accumulation of dry cement and water to reduce finishing.



  1. Causes of Dusting  

The causes of dusting are as follows:

1. Premature Finishing

2. Placing Concrete on a Non-Absorptive Surface

3. Direct Contact of Concrete with Rain and Freezing

4. Inadequate Ventilation in Enclosed Areas

5. Insufficient Curing

6. Low Cement Content

7. Adding Excessive Water to the Mixture


Solution of Concrete Dusting



  2. Preventive Measures of Concrete Dusting  

The preventive measures that need to be considered are as follows: 

1. Use Low Water-cement Ratio Concrete.

2. Proper Finishing Procedure.

3. Avoid Pouring Concrete in Cold Weather Conditions.

4. Proper Curing.

5. Do not Place Concrete on a Dry Surface.




  3. Solution of Concrete Dusting  

Here is the solution for concrete Dusting are as follows:

a. It can be cured by using a floor-sealing product based on sodium metasilicate (water glass) or silicofluorides.

b. Use of a sealer

c. Grinding of surfaces

Hope you now know the solution of concrete dusting.


Solution of Concrete Dusting




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