Types of Chimneys For Kitchens

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In this article, we will discuss types of chimneys for kitchens.


  1. Types of Chimneys For Kitchens  

Mainly four types of chimneys for a kitchen that are employed in a kitchen listed below:

a. Wall-Mounted Kitchen Chimney

b. Built-In Kitchen Chimney

c. Island Kitchen Chimney

d. Corner Kitchen Chimney



a. Wall-Mounted Kitchen Chimney

This wall-mounted type of chimney for the kitchen is an electrical chimney that is established against the cooktop and wall. Also, it is positioned adjacent to the wall and you can obtain chimneys in different sizes according to kitchen space.

It offers various looks to the kitchen with an inexpensive cost range and the most significant benefit of utilizing this wall-mounted chimney is that do not require to create of extraordinary changes in your stop’s top part.

Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimney priced at INR 4000.


Wall-Mounted Kitchen Chimney



a. Wall-Mounted kitchen chimney offers a trendy and modern gaze to the kitchen.

b. This wall-mounted type of chimney is easily available in different sizes.

c. These chimneys are known in an inexpensive cost range.

d. It is appropriate for all various types of kitchens.



a. It can be established only on the surface of the wall.



b. Built-In Kitchen Chimney

This type of chimney is fixed in your kitchen’s furniture to carry lesser space and it is positioned against the wall to get better support.

We can get this chimney in different dimensions to be appropriate for the kitchen, especially because it is constructed to stink the kitchen smoke and it shows you fresh air inside the kitchen at the moment of cooking.

The cost range of a Built-in chimney is ₹15,000 – ₹18,038 INR.


Built-In Kitchen Chimney



a. This type of chimney serves inner the kitchen cabinets.

b. This type of chimney is obtainable in various dimensions.

c. These chimneys have the adequate suction ability.

d. This chimney is straightforward to maintain as well as hygienic.

e. Its most significant benefit is it appropriate for 3 to 6-burner gas stoves.



a. It is more extended as compared to wall mounted chimney.



3. Island Chimney

This island chimney is used for the cooking platform of your kitchen which is situated in the center of the kitchen and is installed directly in the ceiling and hanging.

The chimney directly above the cooking counter also gives a very attractive and modern touch to your kitchen.

The price of Island types of chimneys is 16000 INR.


Island Chimney



a. This island chimney is obtainable in various kinds and dimensions.

b. This type of chimney is appropriate for 4 to 6-burner gas stoves. These chimneys have a high suction ability.

c. This island chimney appears stylish and sleek.



a. This island chimney is costly as compared to wall mounted chimney.



4. Corner Chimney

The corner chimney is positioned at the kitchen’s corner against the wall and above the platform of cooking, generally.

You can utilize this chimney if you have a cooking counter in the corner, also it allows you to absorb undesirable kitchen smells and smoke.

The cost range of the Corner chimney is Rs 10,000 – INR 15,000.




The advantages of corner chimneys are as follows:

a. These chimneys have High suction capacity.

b. This corner chimney is easy to maintain and clean.

c. This chimney is available in various styles and designs.

d. It is suitable for all kinds of kitchen furniture. Also, this type of chimney is pretty affordable.



The disadvantages of corner chimneys are as follows:

a. It usually creates more challenges for furniture arrangement


Hope you got an idea of the types of chimneys for kitchens.



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