Safety at Construction Site

Safety at Construction Site

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A construction job is a tedious job involving massive equipment, tool, machinery and hazardous substances thus posing threats to the workers working at the site. The various tasks associated with the construction works involve great risk themselves such as working at heights, excavation etc.
According to reports of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), one in ten construction workers is injured every year; while the report of Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that there occur about 150,000 construction site accidents every year. Workers between the age of 25 years to 34 years are most likely to get injured in a construction site accident. Due to the growing casualties, it has become necessary to ensure safety at the construction site right from the design phase of construction itself.


Safety at Construction Site

Several precautions have to be taken to ensure safety at the construction site which can be listed as follows:

 Before the commencement of the project, the workers must be given adequate training regarding the safety measures.

 Hazardous construction works such as blasting, excavation etc must be carried out under the supervision of experts only.

 Personal protection equipment such as gloves, helmet etc must be kept at the proper condition and must be compulsorily provided to the workers.

 In case of any potential hazard at the site, the workers must be warned and warning signs must be placed.

 Smoking cigarette at the site must be prohibited and unattended fire should not be left.

 Any hazardous chemicals or construction materials must be stored properly in a safe place.

 All the machinery and equipment must be maintained at the proper condition and duly checked before use.

 Floors and passages must be kept clean. If any liquid has been spilt, it must be immediately cleaned.

 Adequate lighting must be ensured at darker construction sites.

 Nails, blades and other materials must be kept properly and dumped in an appropriate place.

 Construction workers that are subjected to extreme working conditions such as confined place should be provided with appropriate breathing apparatus or the working place must be provided with adequate ventilation.

 Emergency first aid kit must be provided at the site.

 Operational ready rescue unit and emergency equipment must be

 The scaffolding must be properly braced and checked before use.

 Catch nets must be provided on unprotected sides.

 While working at heights, workers must make sure that they make use of the safety belts.

 While working at noise prone construction sites, ear muffs or other protective equipment must be used.

 Workers who have consumed alcohol or are under the influence of such substance must not be allowed to stay at the site.

 Projected nails must be removed immediately.

 Site security must be ensured at all times.

 The workers must be encouraged for becoming a part of the safety program at site and motivate them to make use of safety equipment and guidelines provided to them.

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