Rate Analysis for PCC : Materials, Labour, Overhead Cost & Contractor Profit

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Before starting the rate analysis for PCC, we should know the below points then, only we can start the rate analysis.

a. The item for rate analysis

b. Specification (type of material, quality of material, etc. )

c. Unit (per Sqm, Cum, Rm, etc.)

d. Labour

e. Material

f. Overhead & Profit for a contractor


A. Material for Plain Cement Concrete (PCC) work:

1. Cement

2. Sand

3. Aggregate


B. Labour for Plain Cement Concrete (PCC) work

1. Skilled Labour

2. Unskilled Labour


C. Overhead cost & Contractor Profit






  1. Rate Analysis for PCC  

A. Material Required

Now calculate the material For 1 m3 of wet or solid Plain Cement Concrete (PCC) M10  ratio (1:3:6).

We have to multiply with factor 1.52 for dry density then 1m3 becomes 1.52 m3 of cement, sand & aggregate required, due to the presence of voids in the sand in a dry state.

So, cement sand and aggregate quantity are calculated for 1.52  m3 of PCC.

Dry Volume of Concrete = 1.52 m3

Ratio = 1:3:6

It means we have to mix 1 unit of cement 3 units of sand and 6 units of aggregate than

Total amount of mix = 1+3+6 = 10

(for example M15 (1:2:4) = 1+2+4= 7 & M20 (1:1.5:3) =1+1.5+3=5.5)


Volume of cement = 1.52/10 = 0.152 m3

Volume of sand = 0.152 x 3 = 0.456 m3

Volume of aggregate = 0.152 x 6 =0.912 m3

Cement volume for one bag = 0.0347 m3

Cement in bag = 0.152 / 0.0347 = 4.38 bag = 219 kgs


B. Labour Cost

For 1 m3 concrete, let’s take 1 Skilled and 4 Unskilled manpower


C. Overhead Cost & Contractor Profit

We always take 15% of the sub-total cost of material and labor cost as an overhead cost and contractor profit.


TypeQuantityUnitRateAmount (Rs.)Remarks
Aggregate (Ma. Crush)0.89Cum.2000.001780.00




Add, the contractor’s overhead15% of sub-total1343.18

Total Rate







  2. References  

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