Pressure Sand Filter l Working Mechanism of Pressure Sand Filter

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In this article, we will discuss pressure sand filters.


  1. Pressure Sand Filter  

A pressure sand filter is also a kind of rapid sand filter that consists of closed steel cylindrical tanks and through which water to be purified passes under the pressure of 3 to 7 kg/cm2. The pressure filter may be horizontal or vertical type. Specification like filter media, the base material used to pressure filter is the same as those provided in the rapid sand filter. Also, water is allowed to filter from sedimentation with coagulation.

Pressure Sand Filter

Backwashing of the filter is facilitated with an automatic pressure control system and operated at a fixed interval of time. The filtration rate of the pressure filter is 6000 to 15000 lit/hr/mof filter media. Water treated from pressure filters is not suitable for public water supply due to the high cost and inefficiency of the filter. However, pressure filters can be installed for small colonies, industrial plants, swimming pools, etc.


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