Parts of Brick | Introduction

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In this article, we will discuss parts of brick.


  1. Introduction  

Brick is a construction material that is used to build walls, pavement, and other elements in the construction field. Bricks are artificial materials made with the help of dried clay, sand, lime, and other ingredients.

It is mainly used to build walls, boundaries walls.

According to Indian Standard size, its dimensions are (19 cm x 9 cm x 9 cm) of the brick when laid flat. In the US generally, Modular bricks are used whose standard size is 194 × 92 × 57 mm. And, the standard size of brick in the UK is 215 mm x 102.5 mm x 65 mm.

The surface on which mortar is placed on both sides is known as Bed of brick. 


Parts of Brick


  2. Parts of Brick  

1. Stretcher

2. Header

3. Frog

4. Arris


  1. Stretcher  

The stretcher may be defined as a long narrow face of the bricks. The stretcher is the face of concrete walls. The length of the stretcher is 19cm in Indian Standard.


  2. Header  

The header is the end or shorter narrow surface of the brick.

Headers are sometimes used as a face of concrete and also used for bonding two bricks by filling gaps between two header faces with mortar.

The length of the stretcher is 9 cm in Indian Standard size.


  3. Frog  

A frog is a place where the manufacture name is named. A frog is a perforation or depression on the face of a brick done with the object for keeping the mortar on it. Frog is also known as Indent.

The depth provided in the brick is generally kept about 10 to 20 mm which varies from company to company.

Frogged brick should lay with the frog upward and fill up with mortar. In few conditions only, the frog is provided in both sides.

In pressed bricks, frogs are provided in both faces and otherwise, only one side frog is provided on bricks.

However, in wire cut bricks frogs are not provided in both sides of the bricks.


  4. Arris  

The corner edges of brick are known as Arris. It is also known as the angle. The Arris, sharp edge formed by the intersection of header and stretcher in brick.


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