Paint Flaking : A Defect in Painting ( 4 Causes & Repair )

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The type of defect in which the paint film detaches from the surface is known as Paint Flaking.

In general, flaking may be understood as the phenomenon in which the paint coat does not stick properly on the surface.

The main reason behind the flaking of paint is the lack of adequate bonding between the surface and the film of paint.


Paint flaking

fig: Flaking



  1. Causes of Paint Flaking  

Some of the causes of flaking can be listed as follows:

1. Poor paint adhesion

2. Inadequate pre-cleaning before application

3. Ingress of moisture

4. Use of inferior quality paint



  2. Repair and Prevention of Flaking  

To prevent the flaking of paint, the surface must be first cleaned properly and rubbed with abrasive paper before the application of paint.

The flaking of paint can be corrected by following the below-mentioned steps:

1. Firstly, the flaked surface must be examined and thoroughly

2. The surface is rubbed and cleaned using sandpaper.

3. Then, the surface is treated with a prime coat.

4. Finally, the surface coat is applied.



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