OM Wall Decor: 20+ Top Designs with Best Images

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A. What is OM Wall Decor?

OM Wall Decor
OM Wall Decor

OM Wall Decor refers to decorative items that can be hung on a wall, like canvases, framed prints, and other creative decorations.

According to the science of Vastu, placing OM Wall Decor at the house’s entrance brings good luck. It is also used to celebrate happiness on various occasions.



B. What is the symbol OM considered?

OM Wall Decor
OM Wall Decor

OM is considered sacred in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism as it symbolizes the universe, the soul (Atman), and the ultimate reality (Brahman).

It is the most promising and is a traditional Indian Hindu symbol of good luck and positivity. It is the most famous sign of good luck and is commonly used as a charm.



C. 20+ OM Wall Decor List


1. Lotus Flower OM Design:

Lotus Flower OM Design
Lotus Flower OM Design

The merged OM symbol with a lotus flower represents purity and enlightenment.



2. Abstract Watercolor OM Painting:

Abstract Watercolor OM Painting
Abstract Watercolor OM Painting

It creates a watercolor painting that makes an abstract and serene look. The painting must incorporate the OM symbol.



3. Stained Glass OM Wall Art:

Stained Glass OM Wall Art
Stained Glass OM Wall Art

Crafting intricate stained glass artwork with the OM symbol can make your wall a beautiful focal point.



4. Henna-style OM Wall Decor:

Henna-style OM Wall Decor

A henna-inspired design featuring the OM symbol is one of the beautiful decoration ideas.



5. Floating OM Shelves:

Floating OM Shelves

Incorporating OM-shaped floating shelves as a decorative wall element could enhance your space’s allure and touch of beauty.



6. OM Mirror Wall Decor:

OM Mirror Wall Decor
OM Mirror Wall Decor

The utilization of mirrors to shape the OM symbol can reflect positivity and a stylish appearance to anybody.



7. Crystal Embedded OM Art:

Crystal Embedded OM Art
Crystal Embedded OM Art

Embed crystals within the OM symbol add a touch of spirituality to your home and natural elements in the space.



8. Wood and Metal Fusion OM Sculpture:

Wood and Metal Fusion OM Sculpture

Combining wood and metal in a sculptural form to generate an appealing, visually striking OM symbol.



9. 3D Printed OM Wall Art:

3D Printed OM Wall Art

Enhance modern technology with a 3D-printed OM symbol in various materials for your wall for spirituality and decorative purposes.



10. Mosaic Tile OM Wall Decor:

Mosaic Tile OM Wall Decor
Mosaic Tile OM Wall Decor

Crafting a mosaic tile and inserting the OM symbol in different colors to generate unique and creative wall decoration.



11. Fiber Art Macramé OM Wall Hanging:

Fiber Art Macramé OM Wall Hanging

Incorporate the OM symbol into a macramé wall hanging, generating a beautiful and unique boho-chic vibe.



12. DIY Mandala OM Canvas:

DIY Mandala OM Canvas
DIY Mandala OM Canvas

Paint or draw a mandala with the OM symbol at the center on a canvas for a luxurious and meditative look.



13. Ombré OM Wall Mural:

Ombré OM Wall Mural

Utilize different shades of a single color to make an ombré effect with the OM symbol and deliver a unique look to your wall.



14. Fabric OM Banner:

Fabric OM Banner
Fabric OM Banner

Fabric banners with the OM symbol in complementary patterns are one of the easiest and most excellent ways to decorate your wall with the OM symbols.



15. Quilling OM Art:

Quilling OM Art

Quilling techniques to generate an intricate OM symbol can uplift your wall’s delicate look and serve amazing, welcoming vibes.



16. Vintage Brass OM Wall Plaque:

Vintage Brass OM Wall Plaque
Vintage Brass OM Wall Plaque

Pick a vintage-inspired brass wall plaque with an embossed OM symbol and create something special in your wall art.



17. Marble Inlay OM Wall Art:

Marble Inlay OM Wall Art
Marble Inlay OM Wall Art

Marble inlay techniques with an elegant OM symbol on a wall further beautify your wall and serve a luxurious outlook.



18. Digital Art Projection:

Digital Art Projection

Utilizing a projector to display the digital art of a dynamic OM symbol on your wall is one of the perfect ways to accommodate your home.



19. Floating LED OM Wall Sign:

Floating LED OM Wall Sign

Decorate by designing a floating LED sign with the glowing OM symbol suspended on the wall, giving your wall a perfect outlook.



20. Reflective OM Wall Tiles:

Reflective OM Wall Tiles

Reflective tiles with the OM symbol in your space are an outstanding way to create an illusion of space.



21. LED-lit OM Sign:

LED-lit OM Sign

LED lights OM sing is a creative way to accommodate your wall for a unique and eye-catching design, creating a soft and ambient glow.



22. Framed OM Calligraphy:

Framed OM Calligraphy

Elegant calligraphy OM symbol framed in various styles serves luxury and spirituality with sophisticated decor.



23. Ceramic OM Plates:

Ceramic OM Plates

These decorative plates feature hand-painted OM symbols and are perfect for generating an eclectic gallery wall.


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