New Century Global Center: World’s Largest Building With 4 Major Attractions

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New Century Global Center is the world’s largest building of multipurpose in terms of floor area. It is located in Tianfu New Area of Chengdu, Sichuan, China covering an area of 1300 acres.



 New Century Global Center 

As we know, New Century Global Center is the World’s largest building in China which consists of various facilities like a house, shopping mall, water park, 5-star hotels, skating rink, movie theatres, museum, and so on.

It is a place of greater tourist attraction and importance. Moreover, people want to see and take entertained by fabulous facilities, accommodations, and shops.

The size of the mall is twice of the record holder’s previous mall in Dubai and the biggest mall in Guangdong is considered the New South China Mall.

It is fashioned as a self-contained town as it includes hotels of 2,000 rooms.

Here, you can also take advantage of an indoor beach that is at least more than a kilometer long.

The building tucks about 20 times the legendary Sydney Opera House and 4 times Vatican City.

It is a famous building since it is 3 times larger in size than Pentagon.

New Century Global Center will at long last face the Chengdu Contemporary Arts Center, delineated by Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid.

It was developed by Deng Hong who was a billionaire.

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 Constructed Timelines 

1.Construction Started 



2.Construction Completed 




1st July 2013




 Major Information Related to New Century Global Center: 





Tianfu New Area, Chengdu, Sichuan



30°34′16″N 104°3′38″E


4.Build in 

2010 – 2013












Deng Hong (ETG)



Shenzhen Zhongshan Architects Designing










12.Build-up Area 






14.Mall space 

2.9 million square meters


15.Floor space 

18 million square feet (1.7 million square meters, 500 x 400 meters)


16.Record Holder 

World’s biggest building evaluated by floor.




 Attractions of New Century Global Center: 


 1. Big Shopping Center

New Century Global Center

You can enjoy the greatest craze of people for shopping in the place. since it has more than 100 shops and stores that attract anyone easily.


 2. Paradise Island Water Park 

New Century Global Center

There is a panoramic view of a giant water park that contains a 54,000 sq ft amazing artificial beach.

You can take benefit of the alluring indoor sea in New Century Global Center.



 3. Explore the Stores, Restaurants, Cinema, and Ice Rink 

There is a store of all kinds i.e. makeup, jewelry, toys, accessories, daily necessities, souvenirs, watches, etc.

New Century Global Center

You will be loved the luxurious cinema hall inside it with the perfect cafe and juice bar.

There is an interesting facility of continental foods, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and other many more from worldwide.



 4. Relax on the Square and Watch Music Fountain, Light Show 

New Century Global Center

The beautiful music fountain with 17 themes and is rich in designs, water dances in different forms with corresponding music can melt the heart of anyone and make anybody fall in love.



 How to Reach New Century Global Center? 

There is a Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport that took only 15 minutes to reach New Century Global Center.

You can directly land there by flight and if you want to reach there by another way then you can.



 Interesting Facts of New Century Global Center 

It was opened officially in early 2013 but it has decided to open in March 2013.

During that period, the businessman of the project was arrested due to corruption. Then it was delayed to opening until 22 August 2013.


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