11 Interior Design Tips For A Modern Living Room

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The modern style is common in many living rooms. 11.83 % of living areas feature this style. 

The modern style upholds the principle “less is more.” It’s inspired by past design aesthetics that were reinvented and revived to create a distinctive style that’s simple but elegant. 

So, if you’re planning to design a modern living room, you need to use minimal decorations and invest in functional furniture pieces. Keep reading to learn more about how you can give your living room a modern look.  



11 Interior Design Tips For A Modern Living Room


1. Add a neutral-colored sofa 

When building your home style, one of the furniture pieces that play a significant role is the sofa. Opt for a sofa in white, grey, or black. A neutral-colored sofa can easily bring a modern flair to your bedroom. 

Plus, it’s easier to mix and match with other furniture. For instance, you can pair an all-white sofa with charcoal grey throw pillows.


2. Go for sophisticated lighting options 

Instead of the traditional chandelier, make your modern living room more sophisticated by using circular chandeliers and designer table lamps. Circular chandeliers present a simple, elegant silhouette that’s laid-back enough for a modern look. Designer table lamps can also blend well with your furniture but still maintain a low profile on your side table.  

When searching for circular chandeliers or designer table lamps, select those with one solid base color (white, black, or grey) for a lighter and less overpowering appearance.  


3. Use a supersized floor lamp

Limited space with large furniture pieces, such as oversized sofas or wide coffee tables, can make your living area feel crowded. Invest in a supersized floor lamp, so you won’t have to include a side table, a coffee table, or a table lamp. 

A sculptural floor lamp is not only functional but can also effortlessly make your living room chicer and more modern. 


4. Maximize natural light 

Even if your living room has great lighting fixtures, don’t underestimate the power of natural lighting. A living room illuminated with natural lighting gives off an alluring ambience that’s unmatched. Natural light can also make your living room look bigger and more open.

11 Interior Design Tips For A Modern Living Room

So, make use of large glass windows and open them during the day. Invest in the right blinds or window treatments for proper control of natural light streaming into your home. 


5. Have a built-in storage 

Designing or adding storage may not be the most exciting part of designing a modern living room, but it’s necessary to ensure the space remains neat and simple. To maintain a clutter-free living room, invest in furniture pieces that provide built-in storage. 

A few examples of furniture pieces with built-in storage include: 

  • A TV unit with drawers 
  • A sofa with hidden storage below 
  • A coffee table with drawers 
  • A wall bookshelf 

It’s also ideal to have a mixture of closed and open storage spaces, so you have a designated area to hide some items and another area to display things that give your room character.


6. Incorporate rugs 

Rugs may seem like a minor element when designing your space, but they can add more personality with their texture, patterns, and colors. When picking which living room rug to buy, consider what style or color will best suit your flooring. 

For instance, a Berber rug will go well with wide plank wood flooring or tiles. On the other hand, plain-colored rugs complement the dynamic design of the parquet. 

Aside from the flooring, consider what furniture will be placed on the rug. Will you put the rug under the sofa or coffee table? The rug’s colors or patterns should pair well with the furniture’s shade or style.  


7. Add metallic finishes 

Add metallic finishes by swapping your cabinet handles, photo frames, and doorknobs with chrome or stainless steel for a sleek and uniform look. You can do the same with your wall accessories, mirror frames, and steel tables. 


8. Hang minimal wall frames 

Instead of the typical wall art made of several art frames and accessories, make it simpler by hanging one large piece of modern art on the wall. This will create an illusion of bigger wall space and keep your walls from looking disorganized and crowded. 

When hanging frames on the wall, choose only one wall that will act as the center stage to avoid a chaotic look. This primary wall will hold the most significant piece of art frame, while the rest of the walls in the living room can play supporting roles.


9. Choose the right window dressings 

Window dressings like curtains and shutters are not only used to control natural light but also help improve the overall ambience and style. Curtains add elegance and softness to your living room and are suitable for homes with large glass windows. However, they can sometimes appear bulky, blocking natural light. 

In contrast, shutters are a good choice for homes with smaller windows, as they don’t use too much space like curtains. They also have a simple but clean look. 


10. Finish your walls 

Often, the walls in your living room only come alive when you hang some artwork or decorations. But the thing is, you can also make your living room walls vibrant by finishing them with more elaborated and artistic wallcoverings. 

For example, pick one wall and cover it with a chic print or bold pattern or paint it using decorative paint techniques. The effect can easily add warmth and texture to your living room’s modern vibe.


11. Include natural materials in some areas

Natural materials like stone, wood, and bamboo won’t only make your living room more modern, but they’re also sustainable, bringing warmth to the space. Interior design experts would call this approach organic modern design, wherein the minimalist approach is mixed with natural materials and warm, earthy accents. 

There are many ways you can incorporate natural materials or earthy accents into your modern living room. You can add greenery on the empty corners or surfaces in the room. A large Bird of Paradise plant beside your couch or a small prayer plant at the center of the coffee table will be perfect. 

Besides putting some plants, you can showcase sculptures made of wood or carved in stone. Investing in wood furniture will be a brilliant idea too. 



  Wrapping up  

Designing a modern living room isn’t necessarily about creating a minimalist space. It’s about keeping your living area clean, bright, and spacious.

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