Measurement Book : Way to Write, Use, Format, Procedure & Measurement of Various Work

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A measurement Book may be defined as a record in which measurements are noted for the work accomplished by the contractor for goods or services delivered on the project work.

The Contractor payments are depend on the measurement mentioned on M-book.

Measurements are reported legibly in a serial way that transactions are readily traceable recordings of measurements.

Each collection of measurements should begin with entries





  1. Details in the Measurement Book  

Details that need to be noted in the MB sheet:

1. Date

2. Work Order No

3. Details reference number/boq number

4. location

5. Particulars





  2. Format of Measurement Book  






  3. Way to Prepare Measurement Book  

The way to prepare a measurement book is mentioned below:

a. First, note down the measurement date that was done.

b. BOQ no or details ref no is to know what measurement it belongs to and where it is carried.

c. The serial number of the new measurements is noted with the BOQ item number. Because it informs us of the new record of the exact item carried from, so the serial number of the BOQ item is good for quick confirmation.

d. And before reporting the measurement we should note the unit of measurement (UOM) for object measurement example,

i.  M3 or Cu.m. for volumetric measurements employed for work like excavation, concrete, etc.

ii.  M2 or Sq.m. for area measurements for work like painting work & plastering etc.

iii.  Running Meter or Rm for length measurement for standard or fixed-width items like pipelines etc.

iv. Nos or NO for no of items employed for work like taps & switch etc.

v. At last, note the measurement of each item in BOQ. With smallest dimensions & measurement for length 0.01 m, for area 0.01 m2, for volume 0.01 m3 in & for weight 0.001 tons





  4. Procedure of Recording Measurement Book  

The measurement book is recorded at two various stages as mentioned below:

a. Progressive measurement

b. Final measurement


a. Progressive Measurement

Progressive measurement is carried out in the completion of various stages of watershed action or before each running payment of the watershed action.

This bill is to be carried as the monthly bill in the task. Because a task job is a long-term process. So, monthly payment clearance needed monthly work progress of the contractor need for working payment requires progressive measurements needed.

The most significant purpose of maintaining progressive measurement would be for following the advancement of work and the output of work against the charge made.

It is essential to keep the progressive measurement book in both cases whether the work is being executed on a measurement basis or a daily pay basis.


b. Final Measurement

The final measurement is an entire measurement of some physical intervention, which can be registered at the duration of completion of any physical intervention.

The most essential goal of holding the final measurement would be to save all the measurements in one place. With the use of the final measurement, the true work done may be compared with the estimate done.


Progressive Measurement





  5. Measurement of Various Works  

Measurement of Excavation as mentioned in the drawing. The footing excavation job requires drawings like Footing location drawings and section drawings.

a. Measurement of Excavation

b. Measurement of Footing P.C.C.

c. Measurement of Footing R.C.C.

d. Measurement of Column up to Plinth Level R.C.C.

e. Measurement of Backfilling

f. Measurement of Plinth Beam R.C.C

g. Measurement of Grae Slab RCC

h. Measurement of Grae Slab RCC

i. Measurement of Brick Masonry

j. Measurement of In Side Plaster

k. Measurement of Out Side Plaster

l. Measurement of Ceiling Plaster

m. Measurement of In Out Side Plaster

n. Measurement of In Side Paint

o. Measurement of Out Side Plaster




  6. References  

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