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1. The window usually provided near the main roof of a room and opens above the adjoining verandah, is called ?

a. Dormer window

b. Corner window

c. Bay window

d. Clerestorey window


2. The failure of the foundation of a building is due to?

a. With drawl of subsoil moisture

b. Unequal settlement of soil

c. Lateral escape of the supporting material

d. All of these


3. The addition of surfactants in the concrete mix results in ?

a. Decrease in the water-cement ratio

b. Increase in the strength of concrete

c. Increase in the density of concrete

d. All of these


4. When the walls are subjected to heavy loading and the bearing capacity of the soil is very low, then the wall is constructed on ?

a. Reinforced concrete footing

b. Column footing

c. Lean concrete footing

d. None of these


5. For a structure subjected to the action of seawater, the cement used is ?

a. Rapid hardening cement

b. Low heat cement

c. High alumina cement

d. Sulphate resisting cement


6. The degree of grinding of cement is called ?

a. Fineness

b. Soundness

c. Impact value

d. Bulking


7. The cement, widely used in retaining walls, is ?

a. Rapid hardening cement

b. Low heat cement

c. Sulphate resisting cement

d. Ordinary Portland cement


8. The inert mineral material used for the manufacture of mortars and concretes is ?

a. Cement

b. Water

c. Aggregate

d. Admixture


9. High percentage of tricalcium silicate and low percentage of dicalcium silicate in cement results in ?

a. Rapid Hardening

b. High early strength

c. High heat generation

d. All of these


This was for the MCQs of Concrete Technology.





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