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MCQs Question of Surveying

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1. A check line in a chain surveying?

a. Checks the accuracy of the framework

b. Enables the surveyor to locate the interior details which are far away from the main chain lines

c. Fixes up the directions of all other lines

d. All of the above


2. A plain scale is used to read ……..?

a. One dimension

b. Two dimensions

c. Three dimensions

d. All of these


3. The method of measuring distance by pacing is chiefly used in?

a. Reconnaissance surveys

b. Preliminary surveys

c. Location surveys

d. All of these


4. Direct ranging is possible only when the end stations are ?

a. Close to each other

b. Not more than 100 m apart

c. Mutually intervisible

d. Located at the highest points in the sea


5. When the measured length is less than the actual length, the error is known as ?

a. Positive error

b. Negative error

c. Compensating error

d. Instrumental error


6. The tension, at which the effects of pull and sag for a tape are neutralized, is known as ?

a. Initial tension

b. Absolute tension

c. Surface tension

d. Normal tension


7. A plumb bob is required?

a. When measuring distances along slopes in a hilly country

b. For accurate centering of a theodolite over a station mark

c. For testing the verticality of ranging poles

d. All of the above


8. When the length of the chain used in measuring distance is longer than the standard length, will the error in the measured distance be?

a. Positive error

b. Negative error

c. Compensating error

d. None of these


9. Chain surveying consists of the arrangement of the framework of triangles because a triangle is the simple plane figure which can be plotted uniquely if …………… of the triangle are known. ?

a. Three sides

b. three angles

c. one side and two angles

d. one angle and two sides


10. The accuracy in laying down the perpendicular offsets and in measuring them depends upon?

a. Scale of plotting

b. Length of offset

c. Importance of the object

d. All of these







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