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15+ Machinery For Construction Industry | With Images and Uses

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In this article, we will discuss machinery for construction industry.


  1. Introduction  

In the field of construction different types of machinery are used that might be heavy, light, or,  medium. Machinery is used to make work faster, easier, and more convenient.




  2. Machinery For Construction Industry  

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Name Image  Use
1. Excavators Excavators Used for digging of trenches.
2. Backhoe Backhoe  Used for digging up hard, compact material.
3. Dragline Excavator Dragline Excavator Used for surface mining.
4. Dump Trucks Dump Trucks Used for is used for transporting construction materials.
5. Loaders Loaders  Used for loading materials into trucks, laying pipe, clearing rubble, and digging.
6. Bulldozers Bulldozers  Used for shallow digging and ditching.

7. Trenchers

Trenchers Used to dig trenches.
8. Tower Cranes Crane tower Used to hoist and move heavy items and materials
9. Pavers Pavers Used to make roads, driveways, patios, walkways, and other outdoor platforms.
10. Feller Bunchers Feller Bunchers  Used in logging.
11. Compactors Machinery For Construction Industry Used to reduce the size of material.
12. Wheel Tractor Scraper Wheel Tractor Scraper Used to remove or move gravel, dust, coal, mud, and other unwanted material from the ground surface.
13. Pile Boring Machine Pile Boring Machine Used to drill/create piles in soil, clay, etc.
14. Pile Driving Machine Machinery For Construction Industry Used to drive piles into the ground in order to create a foundation to support buildings and other large structures.
15. Telehandlers Telehandlers Used for reaching out over obstacles, and are also commonly used in repair and maintenance.



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