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List of the Latest Earthquakes (1960-2022) AD

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In this article, we will discuss a list of the latest earthquakes.

An earthquake may be defined as the sudden shock of the earth that emits the energy in the earth’s lithosphere causing the formation of seismic waves.

The earthquake can be caused due to volcanic eruption, moving of tectonic plates, formation of the cave in a small area, or due to explosions. It is determined with the help of a seismograph by Seismometers and is measured on the Richter Magnitude Scale.


List of the Latest Earthquakes



  1. List Of The Latest Earthquakes  


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Mag. Locations Dep. MMI Casualties Event
5.8 Morocco, Souss-Massa 15.0 X The deadliest earthquake in Moroccan past. Around 12,000-15,000 were found to be dead. 1960 Agadir earthquake
6.4 Iran, Fars Province 15.0 VIII 60 people were found to be dead. 1961 Fars earthquake
7.0 Iran, Qazvin Province 10.0 IX 12,225 people dead, and the major property was destroyed. 1962 Buin Zahra earthquake
6.0 Yugoslavia, Republic of North Macedonia 15.0 X 1,070 people were dead and 80 percent of Skopje was demolished. 1963 Skopje earthquake
9.2 United States, Alaska 25.0 XI It is the biggest earthquake ever measured in North America and the second-largest in past, behind only the 1960 Valdivia earthquake. 131 people were found dead, but nine people were dead due to the tsunami. 1964 Alaska earthquake
7.4 Chile, Valparaiso Region 70.0 IX 400 people were found to be dead, majorly due to a dam collapse that led due to the quake. 1965 Valparaíso earthquake and the El Cobre dam failures
6.8 China, Hebei 20.0 IX 8,064 were found to be dead and 38,000 injured. Largest in an earthquake series affecting the region during March that year. 1966 Xingtai earthquakes
6.6 Venezuela, Vargas 25.0 VIII Around 225 to 300 were found to be dead and 1,500+ injured. Highly destruction in Caracas. 1967 Caracas earthquake
7.1 Iran, South Khorasan Province 10.0 X 15,900 people were found to be dead due to the main earthquake and aftershock the next day. 1968 Dasht-e Bayaz and Ferdows earthquakes
6.4 China, Guangdong 20.0 VIII 3,000 people dead and 46,700 houses got slightly damaged or fully destroyed. 1969 Yangjiang earthquake
7.9 Peru, Ancash 45.0 VIII The deadliest earthquake in Peruvian past. About 70,000 were found to be dead. Most of the deaths were due to an avalanche. 1970 Ancash earthquake
6.9 Turkey, Bingöl 10.0 VIII 875 were dead and 5,583 houses were highly damaged, 3,418 houses were slightly destroyed, and 3,638 houses were partially destroyed. 1971 Bingöl earthquake
6.6 Iran, Fars 10.0 IX The estimated number of deaths was 5,374, with more1,710 victims. 1972 Qir earthquake
7.6 China, Sichuan 11.0 X 2,199 were found to be dead and 2,743 injured. 1973 Luhuo earthquake
7.1 China, Yunnan 14.0 IX Around 1,641 and 20,000 people were found to be dead. 1974 Zhaotong earthquake
6.7 Turkey, Diyarbakir 26.0 IX 2,311 people were found to be dead. The town of Lice was nearly destroyed. 1975 Lice earthquake
7.6 China, Hebei 12.2 XI 242,719 people were found to be dead, while some sources say the death toll is as high as 655,000. This is the deadliest earthquake of the 20th century and the third deadliest in recorded history. 1976 Tangshan earthquake
7.5 Romania, Vrancea 85.3 IX 1,578 people were found to be dead (1,424 of them in Bucharest) and 11,221 injured in Romania. In neighboring Bulgaria, 120 were dead and 165 were injured, while in Moldova (Moldovan SSR at the time), 2 people died. 1977 Vrancea earthquake
7.4 Iran, Yazd 33.0 IX Around 15,000 to 25,000 people were dead, 85 %of them are from Tabas. 1978 Tabas earthquake
8.2 Colombia, Nariño 33.0 IX Around 300 and 600 people were dead from the both effects of the earthquake and tsunami, the latter causing major damage. 1979 Tumaco earthquake
7.3 Algeria, Chief 10.0 X Around 2,633 to 5,000 people were found to be dead and around 8,369 to 9,000 were injured. This is the biggest earthquake to strike the Atlas Mountains since 1790. 1980 El Asnam earthquake
6.6 & 7.1 Iran, Kerman 33.0 VIII & IX Both earthquakes took the lives of a minimum of 3,000 people. The two events occurred six weeks from each other. 1981 Global earthquake and 1981 Search earthquake
6.2 North Yemen, Dhamar 10.0 VIII 2,800 people were dead, 1,500 injured and 700,000 people became homeless. 1982 North Yemen earthquake
6.6 Turkey, Erzurum 15.0 IX 1,340 people were dead. 1983 Erzurum earthquake
6.3 Japan, Nagano 2.0 VIII 14 people were dead and 10 were injured, and 15 were lost. 1984 Nagano earthquake
8.0 Mexico, Michoacan 20.0 IX Around 5,000 and 45,000 were dead and 30,000 were injured. Mexico City was the extreme hit, despite being very far from the epicenter. 1985 Mexico City earthquake
5.7 El Salvador, San Salvador 10.0 IX  Around 1,000-1,500 were dead and 10,000-20,000 were found to be injured. 200,000 became homeless and had high damage in San Salvador. 1986 San Salvador earthquake
7.1 Ecuador, Sucumbíos 10.0 IX More than 1,000 were killed and 5,000 missing. 1987 Ecuador earthquakes
6.8 The Soviet Union, Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic 5.0 X Around 25,000 to 50,000 were dead and up to 130,000 got injured. An aftershock of ML 5.8 happened quickly after the main. Four people were also dead in Turkey. 1988 Armenian earthquake
5.3 The Soviet Union, Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic 33.0 VII More than 274 people were Dead. Most of the losses happened due to landslides that submerge three villages. 1989 Gissar earthquake
7.4 Iran, Gilan 18.5 X Around 35,000 to 40,000 people were dead, between 60,000 to 108,000 injured, and 105,000 to 450,000 moved throughout Northern Iran, most especially in the Manjil-Rudbar region and in Tehran. Less destruction happened in Azerbaijan. 1990 Manjil–Rudbar earthquake
6.8 India, Uttar Pradesh 11.6 IX Around 768 to 2,000 people were dead, 1,800 were injured and 18,000 buildings were damaged in the Chamoli-Uttarkashi region. Some damage happened in Chandigarh and New Delhi. 1991 Uttarkashi earthquake
7.8 Indonesia, Flores Sea offshore 27.7 VIII A minimum of 2,500 people were dead or lost in the Flores region, containing 1,490 at Maumere and 700 at Babi. Greater than 500 people were injured and 90,000 became homeless. Nineteen people were found to be dead and 130 houses were damaged on Kalaotoa. Serious damage, with accurately 90 % of the buildings damaged at Maumere by the earthquake and tsunami; 50 to 80 % of the structures on Flores collapsed. Damage also happened on Sumba and Alor. The tsunami on Flores ran inland as much as 300 meters with wave heights of 25 meters. Landslides and ground cracks were reported at several locations on the island. 1992 Flores earthquake and tsunami
6.3 India, Maharashtra 10.0 VIII A minimum of 9,748 people got killed, about 30,000 were injured and extreme devastation in the Latur-Osmanabad area. Nearly all buildings were destroyed in the village of Khillari. 1993 Latur earthquake
6.8 Colombia, Cauca 12.1 IX A minimum of 1,100 people lost their lives, 500 were lost, 13,000 got homeless, and serious damage was caused to houses, highways, and bridges by the earthquake and ensuing landslides in Cauca, Huila, Tolima, and Valle Departments. At least 200 homes were destroyed, including 25 at Toribio and 15 at Piendamo. Slight structural damage was observed at Bogota and Cali. 1994 Páez River earthquake
6.9 Japan, Kobe 21.9 XI 6,434 people were killed, 43,792 injured and high damage happened in the Kobe region and on Awaji-shima. Over 90 percent of the casualties happened along the southern coast of Honshu between Kobe and Nishinomiya. At least 28 people were killed by a landslide at Nishinomiya. About 310,000 people were evacuated to temporary shelters. Over 200,000 buildings were damaged or destroyed. Numerous fires, gas, and water main breaks, and power outages occurred in the epicentral area. 1995 Kobe earthquake
6.6 China, Yunnan 10.0 X 322 people were killed and 16,925 were injured. About 358,000 houses collapsed and 654,000 others were damaged. More than 320,000 people were left homeless.






1996 Lijiang earthquake
7.3 Iran, Khorasan 10.0 X 2,394 people were killed, 2,300 were injured, 50,000 became homeless, 10,533 houses were destroyed, 5,474 houses were destroyed and landslides occurred in the Birjand-Qayen area. 1997 Qayen earthquake
6.6 Afghanistan, Takhar 33.0 VII At least 4,500 people were killed, many thousands injured and homeless in Badakhshan and Takhar Provinces. May 1998 Afghanistan earthquake
7.6 Turkey, İzmit 17.0 X At least 17,127 people died and 50,000 were injured. This is the deadliest earthquake in Turkey since 1939. 1999 İzmit earthquake
7.9 Indonesia, Enggano Island offshore 44.0 VI  A minimum of 103 people were dead and 2,585  injured. 2000 Enggano earthquake
7.7 India, Bhuj 16.0 X 20,085 people were dead, 166,800 people got injured and over a million buildings collapsed, this was the 3rd biggest earthquake in India since 1900. 2001 Gujarat earthquake
7.4 & 6.1 Afghanistan, Baghlan Province 8.0 VII 1,166 people were dead and 200 people got injured. A 45-meter-wide fractured opened in Xiker Reservoir in Xinjiang, China. 2002 Hindu Kush earthquakes
6.6 Iran, Bam 10.0 IX 26,271 people were dead and 30,000 people got injured. The city of Bam was catastrophically impacted with many buildings, containing the Bam Citadel entirely damaged. 2003 Bam earthquake
9.1 Indonesia, Sumatra offshore 30.0 IX This is the third-largest earthquake in the world since 1900 and is the largest since the 1964 Alaska earthquake. In total, at least 227,898 people were killed, many more injured, and 1,126,900 were displaced by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in 14 countries in South Asia and East Africa. 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake
7.6 Pakistan, Balakot 15.0 XI At least 87,351 people were dead, more than 138,000 got injured, and high damage in Pakistan and India. The biggest damage happened in the Muzaffarabad region, Pakistan where whole villages collapsed. Approximately 250,000 farm animals lost their lives due to the collapse of stone barns, and more than 500,000 large animals needed quick shelter from the harsh winter. 2005 Kashmir earthquake
6.4 Indonesia, Yogyakarta 10.0 IX A minimum of 28,903 people were dead, 137,883 got injured and as many as 779,287 people were moved in the Bantul-Yogyakarta region. More than 127,000 houses were destroyed and an additional 451,000 were damaged in the area, with the total loss measured at nearly 3.1 billion U.S. dollars. 2006 Yogyakarta earthquake
8.0 Peru, Ica offshore 39.0 IX A minimum of 519 people dead, 1,090 were injured and more than 39,700 buildings collapsed. 2007 Peru earthquake
8.0 China, Sichuan 19.0 XI At least 87,587 people were dead, 374,643 injured and 18,392 missing and presumed dead. More than 45.5 million people in 10 provinces and regions were affected. At least 15 million people were evacuated from their homes and more than 5 million were left homeless. An estimated 5.36 million buildings were destroyed and more than 21 million buildings were damaged. The total economic loss was estimated at 86 billion US dollars. 2008 Sichuan earthquake
7.6  Indonesia, Padang offshore 90.0 VII At least 1,115 people were killed, 2,181 injured, 181,665 buildings were destroyed or damaged and about 451,000 people were displaced in Padang. The damage recorded was 2.3 billion U.S. dollars. 2009 Sumatra earthquake
7.0 Haiti, Léogâne 13.0 X The earthquake killed between 92,000 and 316,000 people and injured 300,000. With 1.3 million displaced, 97,294 houses were destroyed and 188,383 were damaged in the Port-au-Prince region and much of southern Haiti. 2010 Haiti earthquake
9.1 Japan, Sendai offshore 29.0 IX A minimum of 19,747 people got dead, 2,556 were lost, 6,242 got injured, 130,927 were displaced and a minimum of 332,395 buildings, 2,126 roads, 56 bridges, and 26 railways collapsed by the earthquake and tsunami across the whole east coast of Honshu from Chiba to Aomori. 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami
6.4  Iran, East Azerbaijan 9.0 VIII At least 306 people got killed, 3,037 got injured, 4 villages were damaged and 60 were heavily destroyed in the epicentral region. 2012 East Azerbaijan earthquakes
7.7 Pakistan, Balochistan 15.0 IX At least 825 people were dead, 700 people were injured and 21,000 houses were damaged in Balochistan 2013 Balochistan earthquakes
6.2 China, Ludian County 10.0 VIII A minimum of 729 people dead, 3,143 got injured, and 42,000 houses got damaged or destroyed. 2014 Ludian earthquake
7.8  Nepal, Gorkha District 8.2 VIII A minimum of 9,182 people got dead, 25,482 got injured, and 769,817 houses were destroyed in Nepal in this earthquake and the M 7.3 aftershock on the date of May 12. April 2015 Nepal earthquake
7.8 Ecuador, Esmeraldas 20.6 VIII A minimum of 676 people dead, 27,732 got injured and 7,000 buildings were damaged or destroyed including most of the town of Pedernales and its surrounding urban areas. 2016 Ecuador earthquake
7.3 Iran-Iraq border Region 19.0 IX Minimum 630 people lost their lives, more than 8,100 people faced injuries, 70,000 were displaced, 12,000 buildings got destroyed and 15,000 buildings were completely damaged. 2017 Iran–Iraq earthquake
7.5 Indonesia, Palu 20.0 X At least 4,340 people were killed, 10,679, and 1.5 million people displaced. most of the casualties and damage were caused by a tsunami up to 7 m (23 ft) in Donggala. There are unconfirmed reports that a tsunami up to 15 m (50 ft) was observed in Sigi Regency. 2018 Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami
6.4 Albania, Durrës 10.0 VIII At least 51 people were killed, 3,000 people were injured and many buildings were damaged or destroyed. 2019 Albania earthquake
7.0 Greece, Aegean Sea 21.0 VIII At least 119 people were killed, 1,096 people were injured, and a 6-meter (20 ft) high tsunami. Most of the casualties and damage observed in Turkey 2020 Aegean Sea earthquake
7.2 Haiti, Nippes 10.0 IX At least 2,248 people were found to be dead, 12,763 people got injured and 136,800 buildings were damaged in Les Cayes 2021 Nippes earthquake

This was our updated list of the latest earthquakes all over the world.



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