Lean to Roof | Construction Materials, Advantages & Disadvantages of Lean-to Roof

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In this article, we will discuss lean to roof.


  1. Introduction  

Lean-to roofs are majorly used and famous roofs for any structure. It is very cheap to construct as compared to other types of roofs used in the field. Lean-to roofs are used to cover the structures from the top.

Lean-to roofs may be defined as a roof having a single slope whose upper edge adjoining a wall or a building.

These roofs are normally known as one side slope as it covers only one side of the structure. It is built to cover the structure from one side for example Verandah. It is another simple version of a pitched roof.

A Lean-to roof is a free-standing structure in which the wall on one side is built at a greater height as compared to the wall on the adjacent side.


Lean to roof


  2. Construction Materials Used  

The construction materials used for preparing Lean-to roof are as follows:

1. Clay Roof Tiles
The clay tiles are used to cover the structures. In ancient times, the use of concrete used to be less, people used to prepare their roof with the help of clay/mud and they used to mix cow dung as an alternative to cement.
2. Concrete Tiles
The cast concrete tiles are used to cover the structures. It has good strength and durability.
3. Metal Roofing
With the help of a metal, a lean-to roof is prepared.
4. Glass Roofing
Glass roofing is used to prepare lean-to roofs but it might be more costly than other types.
5. Tin Roofing
The tin sheet is used to cover the structure, it is cheap to construct.
6. Polycarbonate Roofing

Polycarbonate sheets are very lightweight and easy to transport from one place to another place. The polycarbonate has good impact resistance. Polycarbonate is a highly flexible material so that it can be changed into different shapes as per the needs of the construction.


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  3. Advantages of Lean to Roof  

1. It is very economical and cheap as compared to different types of roofs.

2. The construction process can be affordable.

3. Fewer chances of leakage.

4. Due to the stiff slope, the rainwater drains quickly.

5. Solar panels can be easily adjusted.


  4. Disadvantages of Lean to Roof  

1. It is very costly for large structures.

2. Routine maintenance is needed.

3. Unable to construct any structure above lean-to roof.

4. Lean-to roofs are not suitable for the area where the velocity of wind is very high.


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