Inspection of Concreting Slab on the Field

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In this article, we will discuss the inspection of the concreting slab.

A concrete slab may be defined as a structural component of modern buildings, having a flat, horizontal surface constructed of cast concrete.



  1. Inspection of Concreting Slab  

The inspection of concreting slab consists of two sections i.e Pre and Post of Concrete Slab.

Here is the list of inspections that need to carry out during concreting slab:

Pre Inspection of Concrete Slab

1. Centre line

2. Formwork & Staging

3. Construction joint location

4. Steel reinforcement diameter/spacing & coating

5. Cover the reinforcement and overlap

6. Shuttering Aligned

7. RLs and reference levels

8. Embedment part check, i.e. insert plates, nipple, etc

9. Placement of water stoppers

10. Location of construction joint

11. Water tightness of shuttering, if required No water seepage allowed

12. Quality of water Potable and clean

13. Measuring jar for water pouring

14. Quality of materials


Inspection of Concreting Slab


Post Inspection of Concrete Slab

1. Observation for honeycombing

2 Line and Level

3 Surface finish

4 Cracks and air bubbles

5 Method of curing

6 Checked for stripping/Removing of formwork support etc. after the specified duration of stripping time.

7 Checked for the position of embedment

8 Repair and finish all surface defects by specification / approved method

9 Surface of part of the structure is okay and permitted for subsequent activity / backfilling


Inspection of Concreting Slab



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