Different Types of Closer in Brick: King Closer, Queen Closer & More

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In this article, we will discuss types of closer in brick.


Brick is a construction material that is used to build walls, pavement, and other elements in the construction field. Bricks are artificial materials made with the help of dried clay, sand, lime, and other ingredients.

It is mainly used to build walls and boundary walls.


According to the Indian Standard size, its dimensions are (19 cm x 9 cm x 9 cm) of the brick when laid flat. In the US generally, Modular bricks are used whose standard size is 194 × 92 × 57 mm. And, the standard size of brick in the UK is 215 mm x 102.5 mm x 65 mm.

The surface on which mortar is placed on both sides is known as a Bed of brick.



  a. Types of Closer in Brick  

The various types of brick cuts are as follows:

1. Closer

It is the part of the brick split along the length in such a manner as one long face stays intact.




2. Queen Closer

When a brick is spilt along its length, preparing it into two halves then it is called queen closer. Thus a queen closer is a broken brick part whose width is half as wide as the original brick. This is also called as queen’s closer half.


Queen Closer Quarter


3. Queen Closer Quarter

If a queen closer is split into two equal parts then it is termed as a queen closer quarter. Such a closer is thus a brick piece which is one-quarter of the brick size.


Queen Closer Quarter


4. King Closer

If a brick is spilt in such a way that the width of one end is set off half that of a full brick, while the width at the other end is equal to the full width, then it is called a king closer.

It is acquired by splitting out a triangular part of the brick between the centre of one end (width side) and the centre of the other end (lay side). Thus it possesses a half header and half stretcher face.


King Closer


5. Bevelled Closer

It is a form of king closer in which the entire length of the brick (i.e. stretcher face) is chamfered or bevelled in such a manner that half width is kept at one end and full width is kept at the other end.

bevelled closer



6. Mitred Closer

It is a part of a brick whose one end is spilt splayed or mitred for full width of brick. The angle of splay may differ from 45º to 60º. Thus one longer face of the mitred closer is the full length of the brick while the other longer face is short in length.


Mitred Closer


Hope you liked our article Types of Closer in Brick.



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