8 Essential ICT Tools In and Out of the Classroom

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New technologies provide students with many opportunities, help them stay focused on their studies, make it easier to complete assignments, and allow them to achieve their goals. That is why it is important to know the best ICT tools for students and teachers.

✔ Would you like to identify the most appropriate platforms to improve your academic performance? Stay and read this post, below we’ll cover everything you need to know.



  8 Essential ICT Tools In and Out of the Classroom  



✔ One of the main problems students face while studying and writing essays is their inability to avoid distractions, mostly those coming from cell phones. Thus, it is to avoid these moments of inadequate disconnection that Forest appears.

✔ With this app, we can choose a time when we do not want to use the phone because we are going to study or do our homework. At that time, the trees will bloom until a virtual forest is created. If we leave this app, our trees will die and we will lose all the benefits that this tool gives us to make our garden grow.

✔ In this way, with a very specific game, we manage to keep our concentration for a long time, which is beneficial to our productivity.




✔ In most assignments that students have to do, they are required to include a bibliography section that lists all the resources used to get the information they need. This activity is a big headache for students because they don’t know how to complete the assignment.

You can ask for help in the WriteMeMyEssay service if you don’t know how to include a bibliography in your essay or research paper.


✔ EasyBib allows you to create any APA, Chicago, or MLA style citation from 59 different resources, including books, magazines, newspapers, or web pages, as well as many other options.

✔ This makes it an indispensable resource for any student.



  Exam Countdown  

✔According to the best college writing services, organization is a fundamental task for students, allowing them to plan for all upcoming assignments and prepare well for any exam or academic test. To help students maintain good organization, the Exam Countdown platform appears.

✔ In it, we will find a streamlined calendar where we can place important dates, know the time spent on each completed task, and set the perfect planning using colours by topic or illustrative icons, among other features.




✔ There are many students who, once they become familiar with a discipline, want to expand their training and deepen their knowledge in a particular area. Through Coursera, we can access specialized programs in different subjects, such as science, art, humanities, history, or business, for example.

✔ These courses are available in different languages, so they can also help us improve our proficiency in certain languages while learning any subject, as we have the ability to include subtitles in the classes.




✔ One of the best tips for accelerating academic development is to train our minds with fun activities that can keep us entertained while we develop our skills. Lumosity is an app that includes a myriad of games designed to exercise our memory, improve our problem-solving ability, and keep our brains active.

✔ By using this app often, we can keep ourselves in shape to be effective in our studies.




✔ A constant challenge in education is keeping students’ attention. To motivate them, teachers can use Kahoot! – a tool to apply gamification, that is, to offer game tasks, such as quizzes, to confirm that the student has understood the lesson.

✔ The teacher is able to upload the percentage of correct and incorrect student responses to an Excel file and get learning analytics. A similar tool is Quizizz.




✔ This is a free virtual classroom that combines two forms of communication: formal and conversational, social network style. It can be used in any classroom, and parents can be integrated into the system by creating their own user so they can see their children’s grades in real time.

✔ The teacher can insert forums, videos, or tests that the student can view at any time. The software is free and requires no maintenance or upgrade fees.




✔ This app allows the teacher to create avatars that represent students to record attendance, ask them to participate at random, and add or subtract points according to their academic achievement and classroom behaviour.

✔ This information is used by the teacher as another factor in the final grade. The student, for his or her part, can assess his or her performance against his or her peers. Parents can also access this app from their smartphones.

✔ As we have seen in this article, there are many educational tools available today that allow us to improve our concentration, learn more productively, and exercise ourselves to cope with any learning task.






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