How to Choose Tiles for Construction of Pools?

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In this article, we will discuss how to choose tiles for construction of pools.

Pool tiles are unique tiles planned and constructed to meet the durability, aesthetic, and maintenance requirements of wet outdoor environments. They not only enhance the beauty of the pool but also affect its safety, durability, and maintenance requirements. The selection and laying of pool tiles are the two main activities consist in swimming pool construction.



  1. How to Choose Tiles for Construction of Pools?  

Different kinds of pool tiles are available in the market. Pool tiles are different from normal tiles in the following manners:

a. Pool tiles withstand pressure

b. They contain a thicker and more durable layer

c. Withstand very hot or very cold temperatures

d. Costlier than general tiles

e. Includes more extended life


The suitable type of tiles for pools are selected based on the following factors:


1. Depending on Pool Tile Material

The durability of the pool tile against water, heat, and other external factors simply relies on the type of material utilized in the manufacturing of the tile.

The various types of pool tiles based on material and their uses are noted in Table 1.

Type of Pool Tile
Porcelain Pool TileIt is Denser and water-tight.
It is also Highly durable than that of others.
It gives a classic look.
Ceramic Pool TileIt is prepared from clay
It provides a glazed look.
Glass Mosaic Pool TileIt gives a glossy and dazzling look to the pool.
It is employed for modern pools.
Stone Pool TilesIt is prepared from stone.
It is employed to give a natural decoration for pools.


2. Depending on the Color of the Pool Tile

The color of the pool tile is determined depending on the type of water quality and the taste of the buyers. Blue pool tiles are well-known among various colors as they imitate the natural ambiance like the sky and ocean. Thus, blue colors examine better in pools matched to other dark colors.


Color of the Pool Tile


3. Depending on Patterns on Pool Tiles

Tiles with stunning designs are mainly chosen for pool construction. Depending on various patterns, tiles can be modular, pebbled, slate, puzzle pieces, square, stacked, brick, deco pool tile, etc. All pattern on the tile contain some peculiarity in terms of the look and the feel they offer. The selection of pool tile patterns depends on the buyer’s preference.


How to Choose Tiles for Construction of Pools?


4. Depending on the Dimension of the Pool Tiles

The dimensions of a pool tile can either be small or large. Short and square-shaped pool tiles are quite expected when it is needed to carry tile patterns as an essential character of the pool. While big pool tiles are uncomplicated to establish and offer better color consistency.

But it is seen that short tiles can withstand break  and can last longer compared to large tiles.

How to Choose Tiles for Construction of Pools?


5. Depending on Quality and Safety

Always considerquality and safety while selecting pool tiles. Opting for anti-slip pool tiles is the most suitable choice to make sure that family, friends, or clients are safe to employ the pool.

As quality increases the pool tiles may cost high but help save money that is otherwise paid on durability or maintenance problems.


Quality and Safety


6. Depending on Pool Tile Maintenance

It is more reasonable to inspect the maintenance required for each type of pool tilebefore completing it. This assists in have an informed decision and thus saves money.


How to Choose Tiles for Construction of Pools?


7. Depending on the Cost of Material and Installation

In addition to the cost of pool tile, it is suggested to pursue advice on the installation cost to make sure that the project is within the budget.

Pools can be made in various types of buildings and are therefore needed to suit various uses. Pools are mainly built in official spaces, private pools in residential buildings, competitive swimming pools, etc. Selecting the right pool tile relies on a collaborative analysis of various aspects of design, durability, and budget, which relies on the type of pool building.


How to Choose Tiles for Construction of Pools?

Hope you got a idea of How to Choose Tiles for Construction of Pools.



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