How much does a Glulam beam weight?

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Glulam is a type of structural engineered wood timber product formed by layers of dimensional lumber connected together with durable, moisture-resistant structural adhesives.

In the US, the material made of wood providing the laminations is termed laminating stock or lamstock.

By laminating a number of more undersized pieces of glulam lumber, a single large, strong, structural member is prepared from shorter pieces. These structural members are utilized as vertical columns, horizontal beams, arches, header, girder, rafter, purlin, and ridge beams in the wood-frame buildings.

Glulam uses the structural importance of wood. Because of their composition, big glulam members can be prepared from a combination of smaller trees gathered from second-growth forests and plantations.

Glulam beam depths are typically are 29/4 inches (18.4 cm), 9 inches, 37/4 inches (23.5cm), 19/2 inches (24.1cm), 45/4 inches (28.6cm), 95/8 inches (30.2 cm), 14 inches (35.6 cm), 16 inches (40.6 cm), 18 inches (45.7 cm), 75/4 inches (47.6 cm), 20 inches (50.8 cm) and 191/8 inches (60.6cm).

Typical stock beam widths utilized in residential construction contain- 25/8, 7/2, 41/8, 11/2, 27/4 inches, and 7 inches.

For non-residential purposes, where lengthy spans, extremely heavy loads, or other cases control design, custom components are commonly defined.


Glulam beam weight


  1. How Much Does a Glulam Beam Weight?  

The cubic foot is a unit of measurement for the volume of lumber in the United States and Canada. It equals the volume of a one-foot length of wood, one foot wide and one foot thick.


a. Glulam beam weight:-

High strength structural engineered wood or Glued Laminated timber or lumber or Glulam beam can be weighted around 36 pounds per cubic foot or 3 pounds per board foot and their weight per linear foot and per linear meter are further for various sizes of Glulam beam.


b. Glulam beam weight per cubic foot:-

High-strength structural engineered wood can weighted about 36 pounds per cubic foot which is roughly equivalent to 3 pounds per board foot. One cubic foot is the volume of a one-foot length of wood, one foot wide and one foot thick.


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