Curb and Gutter | Types & Advantages of Curb and Gutter

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In this article, we will discuss the curb and gutter.


  1. Introduction  

A curb may be defined as a short wall added to support the pavement from the side. It acts as a barrier between the yard and the street.  It is the border with a gutter which is a flat concrete slab that drains out water away from the yard. Usually, the curb and gutter are prepared at once at a site.


Curb and Gutter


  2. Types of  Curb and Gutter  

The classification of a curb depends upon the shape and size of a curb. The 5 types that are mostly used are:


  1. Mountable Curbs  

The mountable curbs have a small dip on one face of the curb so that it facilitates the vehicles to ride over them comfortably. These types of curbs are recommended at wides for walkers with shopping carts or strollers. Those who ride bicycles or roller-skates to cross safely on or off the sidewalk.


  2. Mower Curbs  

The mower curbs are utilized on the lawn or flowerbed areas. Mower curbs contain a very decorative look and give a sturdy, reliable, and protective barrier between walkways and the green zone.

The unique shape of these curbs makes it feasible for lawnmowers to come near sufficient to make sure each blade of grass is evenly cut without damaging the topsoil or the machinery.


  3. Barrier Curbs  

Barrier curbs are the majorly used curb all over the world. As similar to the name, this type of curb is utilized as a barrier between vehicles and extra spaces (e.g. sidewalks, stores, parking spaces, etc.). Barrier curbs are typically comprised of asphalt aggregates or cement concrete.


  4. Monolithic Curbs  

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