Expansion Concrete Cracks : 3 Causes & Prevention

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The cracks that are associated with the expansion of concrete are known as expansion concrete cracks.

✔ These are the type of cracks that are formed as a result of the expansion of concrete, particularly in hot climatic conditions.

✔ Due to the extreme heat, the concrete begins to expand and it pushes away anything present on its way such as a brick. Since neither of them can flex, the resulting expanding force is so strong that it can cause cracking of the concrete.


cracks in concrete



  1. Causes of Expansion Concrete Cracks  

Some of the causes of the expansion of concrete cracks can be listed as follows:

1. Wrong choice of materials.

2. Excessive temperature fluctuations ( Alternate hot and cold cycle ).

3. Not using the appropriate methods for construction.



  2. Prevention of Expansion Concrete Cracks  

Some of the preventive measures that must be adopted to prevent the cracking are as follows:

1. Application of expansion joints made up of asphalt, rubber, etc.

2. Selection of appropriate placement methods.


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