Engineering Viva Questions & Answer : Most Asked Viva Questions

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Engineering Viva Questions

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1. What is the void ratio?

⇒ The void ratio is the ratio of the volume of voids to the volume of solids.


2. Stock rails are fitted

⇒ Against tongue clearance


3. The switching angle is the angle subtended between the gauge faces of the

⇒ Stock rail and check


4. Explain what is Critical Path Method (C.P.M)?

⇒ Critical Path Method is a strategy and method of representing the respective tasks and activities involved in the construction through a symbolic diagram.


5. What is Full of EGL?

⇒ Existing ground level.


6. A First Class Brick Should Absorb Water More than?

⇒ 20 %


7. The maximum value of the throw of switch for a broad gauge track is

⇒ 95 mm


8. In India, the crossing number for passenger turnout is taken as.

⇒ 12


9. A Warner signal, which is first seen by the driver, is known as.

⇒ Outer signal


10. What is the minimum no of bars to be provided in the circular column?

⇒ 6





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